What should I give my husband for his 25th birthday to surprise him?

Gifts for all occasions

Hello, girls! Today we have a bachelorette party. Sit down! It will be informative for everyone. We will talk about wisdom, sincere love and patience. And how else, if we are talking about what to give my husband for his 25th birthday? I will tell you how to prepare an interesting gift and why you should not season any holiday with socks.

Wisdom will be needed to choose not very expensive, useful and a nice gift for a man. Sincere love in the first years of married life is more than enough. And that’s good. But patience and conspiracy skills will come in handy.

I guarantee: as soon as a worthwhile idea appears, you will simply burst with desire at the first opportunity to describe to him what a wonderful gift you have chosen and how everything will be fine.

Keep in mind that every morning, day and evening you will encounter on the common territory of your home, and you have such a burden. Not everyone will keep a secret until the day of the celebration.

Sometimes it’s not just a question of being able to keep your mouth shut. You don’t just need to buy a gift and hide it on the shelf with your underwear. It needs to be beautifully decorated and add personality.

There is no problem if he works, and you have time to devote to preparations in his absence. Otherwise, you need to figure out under what pretext to send him out of the house for a while)) It sounds scary, but sometimes a couple of hours will be enough to accomplish the most ambitious plans. Or just do the training on neutral territory.

And here are just simple decorations for an apartment (or a big gift) that can be made in the next room in just a few minutes:

Introductory and disposition

But back to our… husbands. 25 years is not an anniversary. However, for men, this age is one of the thresholds. After him, youth ends and the time of maturity begins. Although I won’t reveal a secret if I say that the boy will remain in it somewhere until his gray hair. Then he will even stop hiding.

This manifests itself in a craving for impractical, childish entertainment: complex mechanical electronic toys, computer games with an excess of action, shooting weapons, extreme ways of spending time.

Well, let him – as long as he likes it and brings pleasure. It’s even convenient for us, because knowing his similar preferences, we can easily please him.

Gift to my husband photo

How to please the boy?

What will bring any, I emphasize – any, man to delight? Black box to the studio!

The item is not very large, quite light … Retail value from 2000 rubles to … to the limit of your capabilities! What’s in the box? And there we have…

Radio-controlled model! Helicopter, quadcopter, airplane, replica car, off-road vehicle. Yes, any radio-controlled toy.

Girls, I understand your confusion. What can I do (I spread my hands and shrug my shoulders) – men. If you want to captivate and please your boy on his 25th birthday, then such a toy is the very thing.

Of course, primitive toys “from 3 years old” will not suit them, but a more serious model is very much. The audience suggests that there is a new feature in this direction – FPV– “first-person view”. This is when a camera is installed on the model, transmitting a signal to the video glasses system, creating the impression of flying in the cockpit of an airplane.

It’s probably an expensive thing, but if there is an opportunity and a desire to bring joy to your beloved, consider this option. Take a picture on camera of how he and a crowd of the same friends will launch it: it will come in handy somehow as an argument or a joke.

Your man will also like electronic devices. For example, a personal flash drive. Yes, I know that any modern smartphone can easily cope with playing music, movies, and even storing information. But we’re talking about toys for men. This gift has a positive effect: your husband will be less likely to have a completely discharged phone. So the gift is good in every sense.

By interests

When a spouse has a well-defined hobby or hobby, it is both easier and more difficult at the same time. It’s easier, because it’s clear in which direction to look for a gift. It is more difficult, because there is a risk of “not guessing” with the level, quality or God knows what else. This means that the choice should be approached with all seriousness and thoroughness. It’s good when your hobbies coincide with your spouse, and you are guided in the topic at least at the initial level.

A music lover husband should be presented with an acoustic system that will please him and give a break to your ears – high–quality and stylish headphones.

Does your family have a car? If so, you can give your husband something related to him. No, I’m not talking about a cool synthetic oil or a fancy fuel additive. But, for example, the navigator will be a nice addition to the dashboard. You can add a picnic kit to the trunk. So give your spouse one of these items.

The way to the heart of a computer game lover lies through … the periphery. A new game is unlikely to surprise him: he most likely knows about all the announcements and release dates of the expected games. Unless you can pre-order or get a collector’s edition of his favorite game.

It is much easier to please him with the help of a specialized gaming mouse or keyboard for PC. A high-end or themed gamepad is also suitable. For example, a steering wheel or a steering wheel. I don’t know if there is an analog of Wii kinematic joysticks for a desktop computer, but it’s worth tormenting Google in search of something interesting from this area.



By the 25th anniversary, career prospects begin to become. They need to be helped in every possible way. For example, to contribute to improving the appearance of her husband and optimizing his style. K of this kind gifts include stylish cufflinks, expensive ties, branded writing materials and leather accessories.

A good addition to the arsenal of a young and promising businessman is a leather–bound business diary. Inspect with a sharp female eye in which aspect of your spouse’s business image you can add solidity with the help of a new accessory. Take everything into account: from a phone case to a case made by special order. Have you identified it? Give it away.

So what: leave him without socks?

We return to the burning question: why not give socks to your husband on holidays? Yes, because it is expendable. It’s like giving toilet paper or washing powder. You don’t think that fulfilling the duties of a spouse can be considered a birthday gift, do you?

It is on this exclusively subjective statement that we conclude today’s gatherings. If you have something to object to, show it. Waiting for the next publication – subscribe to blog updates ;) I officially allow you to gossip. To do this, you can share the post via social networks. The buttons are down there.

Goodbye girls. Come back again.

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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