What should I give my husband for the 3rd wedding anniversary? Super ideas

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Good day to all lovers of creative ideas and bright unforgettable gifts!

Our whole life is filled with various dates, interesting events and holidays, for which it is customary to give gifts. But there are special dates among all the holidays that matter only for two. These include the wedding anniversary. This is exactly the event that we give a special meaning, preferring to celebrate together with a loved one.

For the first two anniversaries, you may have presented gifts from of this article ;)

3 years have flown by unnoticed, and you still tenderly treat each other, trying to present surprises, gifts and show attention. In order not to rush around the city in search of the perfect gift on the last day before an important date, try to think in advance what to give your husband for the 3rd wedding anniversary.

So, first of all, let’s decide that our anniversary is “leather”.

It is so accepted among the people to assign their own title to each year, which symbolizes the relationship of the spouses and their connection.

A flimsy paper wedding with a frivolous calico was left behind. On the threshold of a stronger relationship that is already able to withstand the “everyday chill”, a hail of reproaches and, of course, the intensity of passions during reconciliation.

kozh vizitki

The skin is considered an elastic material capable of changing shape, adjusting to body temperature and protecting a person in bad weather. So the spouses had already learned by this time to adjust to each other’s mood, to compromise in important disputes and to concede in small things.

Now it’s time to think about how to please your beloved spouse and emphasize your attitude towards him. You certainly expect something “like that” from him!

We save and create!

If you follow the simplest path, you can create a surprise with your own hands.

You can bake a cake by decorating it with some warm and bright phrase. Draw a family wall newspaper by pasting your favorite pictures.

Such a gift will once again remind you how fun and interesting these three years have flown by. You can tie a scarf, sweater or socks. In general, there are a lot of gift ideas with your own hands.

tort 3 goda

The main thing here, of course, is not only to show your imagination and realize your creative potential. But also to predict what the husband will be pleased to receive as a personal surprise from the needlewoman-wife.

Choosing symbolic leather gifts

But if you want to focus on the date and its meaning, then we recommend that you pay attention to the list symbolizing the “leather wedding”:

  • Leather cigarette case
  • Gloves
  • Clothing and shoes (jacket, jacket, trousers, shoes)
  • Purse
  • Purse or briefcase
  • Leather-bound book
  • Decorative figurine made of leather
  • Belt
  • Solid eyeglass case
  • Indoor leather slippers


Choosing gifts for every taste and pocket

Of course, when choosing a gift, first of all focus on the tastes of your loved one.

It is not necessary to give leather biker trousers to a person who is far from such a style. And a solid portfolio would be inappropriate for a person whose activities are not related to the business world. Therefore, consider not only the idea of a surprise, but also the practicality of a gift. After all, you yourself will then be offended by your husband for not using the gift and being cool about books that he never reads.

A chic and worthy gift for a beloved man will be a solid raincoat made of 100% genuine leather. Its owner will look strict, fashionable and at the same time brutal. If your man is an adherent of this style, he will appreciate such a luxurious gift and will certainly pay back a hundredfold later.

Men's coat, leather raincoat

Elegant gloves made of high-quality genuine leather will be a wonderful gift for motorists. They will be comfortable and warm on cold winter days and your husband will remember you with love every time he puts them on.

But lovers of original and unusual gifts who are attentive to the little things and love various accessories will like a stylish leather pencil case made in the form of an old pirate card. Soft, roomy – such an accessory will be nice for my husband to show off to his colleagues at work, taking him with him on a business trip.

And if the husband is an ardent participant in Green Peace?

In this case, of course, you should not tease him and give him a themed leather thing.

Give an “emotional” gift.

It can be a hike in the mountains, a gym membership, tickets to a concert of your favorite band, a CD with movies or a romantic dinner in a beautiful restaurant.


Of course, many may say that it is easy to give good gifts when the budget is not limited. But in fact, it is important to “guess”. You can give a small budget gift, but it is so beautifully original to present it that you both will be warm and pleasant to remember this day.

Do not forget about the “how” to give

Show creativity and ingenuity!

Bring a little humor to the design and do not forget about the beautiful packaging. Sometimes even the most interesting and expensive gift looks boring and impersonal without a decent design.

You can make a funny quest, forcing your husband to rush around the apartment in the morning in search of his gift. And you can create a romantic atmosphere after a busy working day, light candles and dance a private dance to your husband in his gift-a raincoat. The husband will appreciate this approach, considering the “wrapper” with interest;)

Take into account his hobbies, occupation, remember everything he dreams of or plans to do. It can be sports equipment, fishing rods, garden furniture, a fashionable gadget – everything that your husband will be delighted with and once again admit to himself how lucky he is with you!

I hope you have found useful tips in this article that will inspire you to search for new ideas, and you will definitely come up with something special for your beloved husband, decorating this day and filling it with a special meaning)

See you soon!

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Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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