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Hello. Health and, especially, strong nerves will be needed to decide what to give a child for 14 years. Well, as a teenage child already. That’s why all the difficulties of choosing a gift.

We add maximalism and hyperemotionality of reactions. We get an atmosphere of extreme and a minefield: a wrong step will lead to an outbreak of irritation, anger and other interpersonal rejections.

There is a downside – a successful gift will ensure the steadfast loyalty of a teenager. I emphasize – successful. Not necessarily expensive. If the baby feels an attempt to “buy” the location, the effect will be, little to say, the opposite. The vulnerable personality of a teenager still requires an attentive, delicate attitude.

For my birthday I want…

It is unlikely that the birthday boy (or the birthday girl) will simply and directly declare the desired gift. Everything is a little easier when the young element of society is at a distance of shouting “and to be at home at 10!” It is easier for parents and close relatives to choose a gift that meets the interests and needs of an adult child.

When it looks like 14th anniversary, many already have quite certain tastes, preferences and hobbies. Some even have time to become masters in their chosen field: athletes, artisans, musicians, etc.

devushka so skripkoy

This is a wide field for choosing a good gift. Usually, any of the hobbies with development requires special equipment, consumables, devices and tools. Cards in hand: find out by indirect questioning or observation whether there are gaps in the young master’s tools, and act.

We are all human and we all have something… in common

If there is no possibility of observation in the natural environment to determine the needs, then you can make a choice based on a common feature of modern teenagers: they are all drawn to high-tech electronic pieces and stylish accessories.

These are phones, tablets, computers, all kinds of gadgets and everything related to them, as well as fashionable belts, belts, sunglasses and the like. It’s great if the gift corresponds to two named categories at once.


Usually the teenager already has his own phone. In this case, you need to think about optional, but useful and, again, high-tech additions to it.

Third eye? Triple eye? For the phone?

All modern phones are equipped with a camera. But only because of the technical features of the optics on them leaves much to be desired. Give the boy a set of overhead lenses-lenses that will expand the capabilities of the camera built into the phone.

An example of such a kit is Universal cliplens. This device includes a convenient clip-mount and three lenses with different characteristics that are threaded into the clip.

Lens and hamster

The fisheye lens covers the panorama by 180°, giving the composition of the image a characteristic “bulge”. A wide-angle lens will allow a teenager to fit all his friends into the frame and grab random “frames”.

Macro photography is a useful and fun feature. It is provided by the third lens of the set. With its help, you can take very clear pictures of small objects – even an unusual coin, with all the scuffs and small curlicues of the coat of arms, even a mosquito, with all the veins on its wings.

For the new year – not empty-handed

In addition to the birthday of the year, there is another rather significant reason to make a good and rather expensive gift – the New Year. Yes, I also like to climb under the Christmas tree on the first morning of the new year and rustle the torn packages. And when I was 14 years old, then… mmm… in general!

Imagine, a box addressed to your girl from Santa Claus, a big one. He opens it, and there’s… another box. And more. On a slightly sleepy face, a mixture of interest, intrigue on the verge of disappointment, impatience and almost irritation: what is there?

Burberry bag

And there are stylish watches of a brand widely known in narrow circles. The elegance, but at the same time the romanticism of the design of the metal case is complemented by rhinestones and various pendants on the bracelet strap. Delight is provided. Moreover, in our time, a watch is an image accessory, a relic of time (a subtle play on words).

And finally, look at the awesome chocolate recipe… Roz! A cool addition for a teenage gift, if not even a full-fledged replacement for it ;)

Here’s what I wanted to say about gifts for 14-year-old men. For a repost in social networks – thank you, a subscription to blog updates is mandatory. See you.

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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