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Hello. Recently I’ve heard enough talk about kindergartens. Especially about the last year of the visit. Not even a year, about a few weeks at the end of spring before going to school. Are these worries really waiting for me sometime

In order to be ready in advance, I decided to conduct a study and make a generalization about what I heard. Such a reminder for the future, so as not to rush at the last moment. That’s how the idea came up to write about what to give a child for graduation in kindergarten.

Stand, children, stand in a circle

How do graduation ceremonies usually take place in kindergartens? A matinee, gifts, a sweet table, and then – according to the situation. If the educational staff is engaged in the preparation and conduct of the matinee, then gifts, treats and amusements are entirely on the parents. At one parent meeting, they gave the committee the task to prepare a proposal for graduation, stipulated the amount of the “common fund”. On the next one, they chose an option, counted out the blood money to the cashier and forgot it until day X.

Who buys, where and how – remains out of the spotlight. It turns out that they are members of the parent committee.

What about the kids? For them, after all, this is an event, and not just a mark in the report card of life “graduation in DS – completed”.


The world through children’s eyes

Children need impressions. For them, so far, the cost of a gift is not an indicator, and the practical value is not in authority. Therefore, even an inexpensive but funny trinket will bring more joy than, say, a gold chain or a multifunctional blender mixer. Children are also very enthusiastic about the advertised toys. Such as, for example, fluffy Baila.


It would be interesting to think about not just giving gifts to the kids and goodbye, but in the game to show them some tricks with them. After all, this toy has a secret. In general, it seems to me that children perceive the world through play. And the upcoming school for them is also nothing more than another entertainment. And very grandiose, since adults talk about it all the time.

First time in first class

And they are not allowed to go to school without notebooks, pens, pencil cases, etc. And everyone is sitting at their desks. And they put on a school uniform. And the teacher tells and shows everything. Many experiences of young graduates revolve around the theme of the school. So writing materials, notebooks, albums, paints and pencils marked “for school” are a welcome gift for kids.

It is fashionable to give a graduation globe. Although he is a symbol of knowledge and learning, for some reason this idea does not seem brilliant to me. Few people use it otherwise than as a thematic statuette. If you have collectively decided that a globe will be a gift, then take care to teach children how to use it and explain why it is needed at all and why the choice fell on it.


Whole sets for future schoolchildren are also popular among parents, which include not only pencils, but also a satchel, and many other necessary things.

A step for technology – an explosion of delight for children

All kinds of microprocessor products are in fashion and widely used. The use of a compact programmable device opens up inexhaustible possibilities for creating useful, interesting and funny devices. In toy stores there are whole sections devoted to electronic entertainment: games, educational devices, electronic “storytellers” and other good on batteries.

And here’s the idea: should I give a toy tablet with electronic stuffing to the kindergarten graduation?

For example, with Masha and the Bear. Although the boy may not like it. But in that case, there are usually similar tablets, but with a more “boyish” design. By the way, for wholesale orders of this kind of goods, significant discounts are usually made or you can order from the manufacturer at all. The Internet allows such tricks to be easily turned. Only the order needs to be made earlier – with a margin of time.

Masha and the bear

Girls – to the left, boys – another time

I’ve always liked long and terribly clever words. Here, for example, is “gender identity”, about which sociologists, political scientists, teachers and in general everyone who is not lazy break spears. And the essence can be explained even on the fingers: girl – girly, to the boy – boyish. That’s all. This principle should probably be observed when choosing gifts for kindergarten students.

Even if the thing is universal and suitable for both, take a little time and pick up slightly different models for girls and boys.

This facet needs to be emphasized, because joint groups in the DS slightly undermine it.

The opinion expressed is purely subjective. Many people just don’t think about it and sleep peacefully.

Summing up my memo, I will write that any solemn event for children should be primarily a holiday and a source of vivid impressions. Here’s another thought: if it seems to you that a general gift in kindergarten is not enough, then who prevents you from making your child a personal “worthy” graduation gift at home?

And here, by the way, is a fairy tale about the insanely popular Furby (another idea for a gift). accidentally stumbled upon – well, I really liked it)) Be sure to watch it with your child)

I’ll put this entry somewhere in the blog, and then, when the time comes, I’ll blow the dust off it and read it again, think about it and maybe rewrite it. In the meantime, goodbye.

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Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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