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Peace be upon you, daughters and sons, born of men and blessed from above. I believe that all people are blessed by default, but in Orthodoxy there is a custom of Baptism – communion with the church.

A deeply spiritual sacrament, having entered the life of society, has also acquired a secular side – a family holiday, which is called a christening. And where there is a holiday, there are gifts. This event is not frequent, so what to give a child to a girl for baptism should be considered in advance. I will try to clarify the situation in this matter.

Rituals, roles and obligations

Baptism is a ritual sacrament, the order of which has not changed for centuries. In addition to the baby and the priest, the godmother and father take part in it. They are chosen by the parents as the spiritual representatives of the child.


We will not delve into their responsibility to the godson, but touch on more mundane matters. Certain attributes are required for the sacrament: a cross (silver or gold) and a krizhma (special diaper). The cross must be purchased by the godfather, and the christening kit and the christening kit must be purchased by the godmother.

In addition to the embroidered diaper, the set includes a christening shirt, a cap and, sometimes, a bag for strands of hair remaining after the tonsure.

If you have already been chosen for an honorary role, prepare for some costs: paying the church for the ceremony, helping the godson’s parents in organizing the christening. But this is a pleasant hassle and a reason for communication.

Traditional gifts

In addition to the obligatory attributes, several more traditional offerings to the child are associated with Baptism:

  • silver spoon “on the tooth”;
  • the first earrings for a girl;
  • gold pin (aka “hairpin”);
  • icons, incense.

Girl in a christening dress

As for silver cutlery, the antiseptic effect of this metal has been known for a long time. So the custom of gifting a newly joined church with a silver spoon has a completely rational justification.

If there is an opportunity and a desire, you can give not one spoon, but a whole dining set, which the girl will use all her life and replenish the dowry piggy bank.

Emphasizing the importance of the event, the girl is given her first earrings.

Usually such a gift is presented by close relatives of the baby. It makes sense for everyone interested to coordinate the choice of a gift so that the young fashionista does not become the owner of a jewelry store))

By the way, if you have already taken the initiative and prepared earrings, then this is not a reason to despair: other jewelry, such as brooches, bracelets, pendants, etc., will be quite appropriate.


A new trend in gift traditions for christenings is pins made of gold. It is believed that a pin pinned to the baby’s clothes protects against the evil eye and damage. A gold pin also becomes an expensive decoration. It is suitable for either a girl or a boy.

In view of the religious orientation of the event, the guests give the baptized infant icons with the image of the patron. The parents will place the donated icon at the baby’s crib, so that children’s eyes can see it.

The incense brought as a gift has an equally high spiritual value. Modern incense is, among other things, very fine jewelry.

Guests came, brought handfuls of happiness

If Baptism is a sacred sacrament subject to the canons, then baptisms are an occasion for close friends and relatives to gather. Usually the event is accompanied by a lavish feast. It is often compared to birth. Therefore, similar gifts are given:

  • clothes;
  • toys;
  • money.

The little man is growing fast, so dresses, tights and blouses for growth will be appropriate. As for the choice of toys, then count on the age of 2-3 months. Newborns who have been in this world for at least 40 days are allowed to be baptized.

Although many parents decide to baptize a child only by a year or two, or even later. A friend of mine took spiritual initiation at the age of 22, but the song is not about that at all…


As for the money as a gift, I can only sigh: “oh, the times, the customs …” It’s more convenient for someone, someone does not want to share the warmth of their soul…

After a little reflection, you can find an original version that will be pleasant to the child, useful to parents and will contribute to the development of both children and adults.

For example, there is such a book with a detailed description of how to sew teddy bears. Of course, a two–month-old child cannot cope with the task, but his mother is quite. At the same time, the toy sewn with your own hands will be charged with maternal love and the baby will be happy to litter the soft paws of the bear.

To exclude quite probable excuses from doing needlework, attach materials to the gift – fleece or scraps of suitable fabric, thread, a bag with a holofiber or a stuffing similar to it for soft toys.

If you are going to get a baby soon or are thinking about a christening, then it would be a wise move to spread this post among friends and potential godparents using social networks ;)

This is not the first and not the last publication about the culture of choosing and giving gifts, therefore, do not take the trouble to subscribe to blog updates. Now you are ready. With God.

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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