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Hello, my dear readers! I continue to create an encyclopedia of gifts for special occasions, anniversaries and anniversaries. In today’s conversation, we will figure out what to give to children for a paper wedding.

No, it’s not about some newfangled daughter-mother game. The “children” themselves, who should be presented with a thematic gift, are most likely preparing to become just parents…

When the second wedding anniversary comes, and the parents of the newlyweds have already somehow coped with the financial gaps in the budget associated with the formation of a new family, it’s time to congratulate the young people on successfully passing one of the critical time marks in married life.

Not a scrap, not a scrap

The symbolism of the name 2 years of married life is much deeper than it may seem at first glance. Here in all articles, notes and texts on this topic, the “paperiness” of the wedding anniversary is associated with fragility and plasticity. Banal stuff.

Think about this: paper is a homogeneous material. In order to get it, they took all the knots, chunks and logs-logs, ground them into dust, mixed them well, crushed them and carefully rolled them out, getting one whole, clean canvas.

Does it remind you of anything? That’s the same thing. On such a tabula rasa (a clean slate – Latin), you can start writing the real history of a new family.

The papier-mache principle

Even if everything was not going very smoothly and the young people approached the two-year threshold with their relationships torn to pieces, it’s time to think and create something incredible. Sculptures made of papier-mache pieces of paper glued one to one are real art.

Papier mache dragon

The video below shows how to make a Christmas tree. But it is also quite possible to create a swan, and any other figurine is a gift to the young.

No matter what anyone thinks – and after the second year, the family can rise from the ashes like a phoenix and continue life in a completely different way. Here it is, the deep meaning of a paper wedding.

Caution, flammable!

The paper ignites from a single spark dropped by accident. So be careful with the passions: you can’t glue an ash after such a flame into a canvas… Just know and be careful. Oh, I got carried away. Let’s move on to gifts.

Burning paper

Improvisation theme: paper

When deciding what to give, keep in mind that the gift must contain paper in one form or another. As the main material, packaging or carrier. Fantasize. Yes, in this case money is not the worst option. But approach its design creatively.

The idea of a clean canvas

Combining the idea of paper and a blank sheet, we get an album, a notebook, daily planner. Prepare them a fun diary with an embossed cover. What are they for? Write complaints and once a month pass the guilty person to the parents so that they take educational measures.

I’m kidding. The kids are already adults – they will come up with what they need a solid notebook for: write down new recipes for the family table or keep records of gasoline consumption.

strawberry diary

It’s just that such things are rarely bought by themselves. And the theme of the celebration fits perfectly. If this option does not seem very solid or valuable, look for original diaries with author’s illustrations, branded or inlaid. Again about money: suddenly what will get lost between the pages…

To learn to write, you need to read

We seem to have agreed that a truly paper wedding is the beginning of a chapter in the history of a young cell of society. To correctly enter lines into it, you need to have, if not wisdom, then some knowledge for sure. And the best teacher we have is a book.

My deep conviction is that every family’s library should have at least one album with reproductions. Moreover, the publishing house usually makes them out as gifts: high-quality paper, special printing techniques and a respectable binding.

Maybe the spouses don’t really need it, then their future children – a wonderful textbook of harmony and beauty. Well, it will be possible to slip it to the guests when all the photo albums have already been revised.


The choice of the genre of the book can be approached with practicality. Here the father-in-law knows that his daughter does not shine in culinary skills, to put it mildly. A gift edition of culinary recipes for every day just begs for the role of a present. And the matchmaker, for example, understands perfectly well that her son will not hammer a nail for a picture without clear instructions. A brightly decorated encyclopedia of a home craftsman may well turn out to be in a gift box.

By interests, books are also a good gift. Sometimes narrowly thematic reference books or monographs compete in price with collectible publications and become a decoration of the library and assistants in business.

A separate fiction book is somehow incomplete, not thought out… The complete collection of the series from one publishing house is already something.

The new meaning of paper media

Paper is often not a material, but a carrier of printed information. For example, it is printed on a small piece of paper that it can be exchanged for any product whose value does not exceed the specified amount. No, this time it’s not about money – about certificates. They are often called gift certificates.


Their essence is that it is difficult to please a modern pampered consumer when choosing a gift: either the color is wrong, then the company is not the same, then, God forbid, the size is not guessed. Try to understand them, young…

The certificate solves the problem. At the same time, the certificate can be not only for goods, but also for services: massage, photo shoot, yacht trip, etc. Paper? Another one – and it doesn’t matter what others give to young people.

Cotton, also made of paper

And so that no one has a question of “paperwork”, let there be a “newspaper” print. What is it about? About a set of bed linen. Even just a set of pillowcases or pillows in a young household will not be superfluous. And if they are also with a stylish print, then it will do as a wedding anniversary gift. Another kind of blessing of the young.

Newspaper pillows

After all, I once wrote that any gift carries a certain symbolism by default? By the way, and about how to shop on Aliexpress I also wrote.

Wrap and attach a bow

Gift wrapping itself can be a work of art. In office or needlework stores, you can find the most incredible types of paper and cardboard, from which you can build an amazing package: velvet, iridescent, embossed, embossed, openwork, etc. Or a postcard ;) About this, by the way, I and wrote here.


Of course, some sleight of hand will be required, but what can you not do for your children? Moreover, there are a lot of drawing templates on the Internet, which are often enough to print, cut and glue. Voila – the original packaging is ready:

And today’s article is also ready. Liked it – share (social media buttons below). I also want to read something like this – subscribe for updates. In the meantime, goodbye.

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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