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Hello! Greetings are addressed to all who, by the will of fate or their own will, got to this page of this blog. And it is dedicated to the selection of a gift for a mysterious and not always understandable being – the sister’s husband. We will not discuss where she dug it up and whether she could have found something better: the fact has happened.

It is necessary to accept and accept as a given, which sometimes requires attention. For example, on holidays. To know what to give your sister’s husband for his birthday, you just need to remember that he is the same guy as other husbands, brothers, boyfriends and male employees.

Which means that some funny thing from a boy’s arsenal will be suitable as a present.

A few well-worn options

Before the most juicy ideas, I will give you some warm-up in the form of several interesting ideas that will help you out in the most difficult situation of choice:

  1. An expensive tea set. Just don’t give him green (although it’s terribly useful) if he can’t stand it.chayniy serviz
  2. Super-sophisticated computer mouse. Yes, the usual one won’t work very well here.
  3. Glue gun. These things come in different calibers, but any one will come in handy on the farm. So you can glue shoes and inadvertently a broken headphone case. You can also buy more rods for him in the kit.
  4. Set “hat +scarf”. Perhaps a relative is already fondled and has a bunch of such kits. But this is a rarity, because it is extremely difficult to pull out the faithful for a new thing, and he refuses to wear what he bought without it.
  5. Foot mat. Even if you don’t need one at home, it will be quite useful at work.

Heavimetal in the sense of panzerbatl

Even if he is already 44 years old, I don’t think that the “nostalgia for the 8-bit Battle Tanks game” option is disabled.

Now this game can be played on any computer connected to the Internet, on a tablet, even on a phone.

But the most relish is to connect a Dendy set–top box to the TV – yes, the one with an orange cartridge for 64 games – pick up a joystick, shove the second one to your best friend and set new records for destroying enemy tanks. But in addition to tanchiki, there are also Super Mario, Contra and many other games that have been played hundreds of times from start to finish. Only now it will not be possible to make it with your own hands with all your desire – after all, a microprocessor device…

Super Mario

If someone thinks that such a prefix is a hopeless rarity that can only be found in the attic, then he is very mistaken. You can order a console via the Internet and please the boy. Sometimes there are great guys among the husbands of sisters…

Sharp metal, or the case when signs don’t work

There is a prejudice that giving knives is wrong and can lead to a breakup, it seems. So my sister’s husband can: it’s not you who live with him, but she.

But a good knife is expensive, decorative is impractical. It remains to give a fashion accessory with a cutting edge. At the peak of popularity now is the so-called [urlspan]multi-credit card [/urlspan]: and the pocket does not bulge, and the red wire can be cut if necessary (let him feel like agent 007), and open a bottle of beer.

Credit card multitool

Actually, even Kipling in the Jungle Book vividly showed that a real man should have an iron fang – knife. Let it be so modern and thinned, but in many everyday situations it is simply irreplaceable. Or do you naively believe that guys clean their nails with a special tool from a manicure set?))

That’s the way it is, girls. Although boys also have sisters… But it’s a little easier for them – they know perfectly well what will please almost the same blockhead as themselves.

That’s all I wanted to say. If you liked it – like or repost to your favorite social network. If you liked it and want more – subscribe to updates. In the meantime, goodbye.

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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