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Going to a birthday party to a nephew or son of a best friend, many of us are puzzled by the question “what to give to a child who has everything?”

I want the gift to be not only funny, but also useful, developing and fully consistent with the hobbies and age of the child.

I hasten to reassure you that the concept of “a child has everything” is not true at all, I would say, a classic adult delusion. The child certainly does not think so.

mama i rebenok

In order not to get lost in all the variety of modern toys and choose a really high-quality and worthy gift, I will try to give you some simple tips.

Let’s divide the gifts into age groups for convenience.

Up to a year old

Up to 1 year old, the baby feels the world through sounds, colors of different objects and tactile sensations. Any small object tends to try “on the tooth”. Therefore, when choosing a toy, be sure to pay attention to the environmental friendliness of the material, the manufacturer and safety.

Great idea:

  • Mobile phones on the crib;
  • Soft educational toys;
  • Books-“rustlers”;
  • Developing mat;
  • Tumblers and soft cubes.


From 1 year to 3 years

The period of cognition of the world. For the harmonious development of a little one, it is necessary to pay great attention to his games.

  • Logical sorters (help to place objects in the correct order, for example, to insert cubes into the right holes);
  • Constructors;
  • Bright illustrated books with fairy tales;
  • For boys: pistols, cars, railway kit;
  • For girls: dolls, playhouses, strollers, scooters.


For 5 years interactive, mobile toys will be a wonderful gift for the baby. It can be electric cars, bicycles.

At this age, the child already knows exactly what he wants to get for his birthday, so do not hesitate to ask the birthday boy’s parents about his wishes. Let them tell you better, and you will choose a really long-awaited gift for the birthday boy.

Primary school age – it’s time to show interest in various puzzles, children’s laptops, robots and constructors.

Many girls are starting to get involved in creativity, so sets for beading, weaving bracelets, sewing soft toys, etc. will be an excellent solution.

A bright legendary console, the dream of all the guys of the 90s, will appeal to modern children of any age. You can arrange fun tournaments with friends and have fun on rainy evenings when you can’t play outside.


Things will be more difficult with older children. For them, the status of the toy is already important, how fashionable it is and whether it will be possible to show off to friends.

Ask what the child is interested in 10 years old , how he likes to spend his free hours from school.

A fashionable and useful gift will be a lens on a smartphone or tablet, with which a child will be able to create bright photos by posting them to Instagram or Contact.

I hope my ideas will be useful to you and you, going to a children’s holiday, will give the best bright and unforgettable gift for a child.

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Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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