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Hello, dear fathers and mothers, as well as dear grandparents. Your child is finishing the fourth grade, and you are tormenting yourself with a question about a gift for your child’s first little graduation? Then this article is for you.

What should I give to children at the end of primary school? What should be the gifts for a child who has most of his studies ahead of him? And why is a book sometimes better than a game console?

Gifts that will be useful in your studies

Encyclopedia or textbook edition is a classic version of a present for a schoolboy. He still has to study and study, so a good and informative book will in any case benefit and give the lion’s share of additional knowledge.

But such a gift is not only useful, but also interesting. Reading the book, the child will discover a lot of cognitive information that will help him in the further development of difficult sciences.


A children’s microscope, a set of a young chemist or physicist, a desktop globe with details of countries and cities of the world – all these variants of presents will also allow you to unleash the creative potential of children, directing their knowledge in the right direction.

Desktop organizer is an excellent choice for a potential excellent student who has already learned how to plan his free time. The subjects of the office group will bring up responsibility, punctuality and concentration in the student, and for parents they can best help solve the problem of what to give the child for the end of primary school.

Also, do not forget about the multifunctional stationery set , where there will be everything you need, which sooner or later will be useful to children in high school. Such a gift will be a motivation for good studies in the future.

You can also advise a training and developing tablet. He will teach English, tell a fairy tale and sing songs. The tablet has a colorful three-dimensional case, so the child will definitely like it.

Symbolic souvenirs

One of the simplest gifts for the graduation of elementary school can be diplomas, medals and thematic orders .

If everything is fine with the creativity of the parents, then such forms of encouragement by the children will be accepted with a bang. By the way, even older children will also appreciate them ;)

You can also order a stylistic portrait of your child , made with pencil or watercolor paints, create a film with video cuts of the best moments of study and leisure of a student, or use the services of a photo studio that will help print a full-fledged album of photographs with collage elements.

A gift card to the store (for example, a toy one) is an ideal gift that always works. Just imagine how happy your child will be if he has the opportunity to choose for himself what he wants and what he likes. At the same time, there may be several purchases at once, if the cash balance of the card is significant, and the student’s requests are democratic.

Game gifts

What child does not want to play football with friends, ride a bike or compete in the speed of roller skating in their free time from school?

If your child asks to buy something from this list, then help him realize his dream.

Do not deprive your child of the pleasure of using the carefree time of childhood to the fullest.


After all, being an adult and remembering these years in decades, a son or daughter will definitely thank you again! For example, a [urlspan] paper book[/urlspan] called “Sewing Cute Bears” will do here.

She will teach you how to sew charming plush toys that will become good friends and it will be fun and interesting to play with them!


Wish-fulfilling gifts

You probably know very well what your child dreams about.

After all, children often do not hide their desires and if they really want something very much, they try to convey it to their parents in any way. And moms and dads in unison repeat that maybe someday they will please their son or daughter by finally buying them what they want.

Well, why is the graduation of elementary school not a reason to realize a long-standing dream of a child? Give your child joy, give pleasure by purchasing the desired thing…

And, maybe, the gift will give an opportunity to reveal a new unique talent in a young talent, which will drastically change the child’s worldview, directing him in the right direction.

detskaya mechta

Another amazing surprise for a schoolboy can be a ticket to a children’s recreation camp (not for everyone, but there are those who just want to go there). This pleasure will seem excessively expensive for many, but you don’t spoil your child with such gifts every year, do you? So why not fork out this time and give him a chance for real freedom and the opportunity to find new friends away from his hometown)

So many positive emotions and good impressions that a child will bring home from vacation, he will not receive from any other gift.

That’s probably all. Share your ideas and impressions in the comments :)

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Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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