What to give your husband for 10 years of marriage without breaking your head

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Hello, readers. A separate bow to those who are thinking about what to give their husband for 10 years of marriage. Today’s post is dedicated to you.

We will try not just to oo-aaah and admire, but to give good ideas to girls who are worthy of admiration. Let’s try to offer such gifts in order to observe the traditions – a tin wedding after all – and not move out in banality.

Here’s the truth: 10 years to live together. This is not for you to spend a week at the resort. For such a period, there must have been ups-flares and downs-smoldering.

Let’s turn the anniversary into a flash. To make the day memorable for sure, you can follow one of two diametrically opposite scenarios:

  • careful implementation of customs and traditions to the point of complete absurdity;
  • completely change the stereotypes, preserving only the essence.

There is a third approach to choosing a gift for a wedding anniversary, but more on it later.

Tradition is a rule, the reason and benefit of which is forgotten

For example, does mass consciousness prescribe the use of pink in the decoration of the celebration?

Fine: we paint everything pink. Right down to the hair. Him too.

That’s for sure such a party will be remembered. And guests are required to present a dress code – everything is pink. And the gifts are pink or tin.

rozovaya komnata

There is no need to be a predictor that tin spoons, figurines and medallions will be among the gifts. Maybe a set of tin soldiers or chess with metal figures.

Especially refined guests can present glasses decorated with tin elements. What does it mean? That’s right, we will not give such things to our husband. What to give in this case? Let’s think about it.

Your best gift is me

You can do this: take a successful joint photo and turn it into a canvas painted in oil on a real canvas. And put it in a frame made of wood with a pinkish tinge. If you choose a rosewood (that’s what this variety of solid wood with a slight smell of roses is called), then it will be very in the subject, but quite expensive – it’s too rare a material.

You can simply mark the anniversary with a family photo in a frame with tin inlay.

The combination of wood and metal turns out to be very interesting. That’s just the master will have to look for and yes: it is better to order the manufacture than to try to pick up from what is offered.

There are enough offers of such services on the Internet. If there is a desire, a drop of originality and at least minimal ability to manipulate materials, you can try to implement the idea with your own hands from improvised materials:


If you really want to be so picky about observing the rules of tin content in a gift, then feel free to give any electronics: from a radio receiver to a TV, computer or phone. No electronic board can do without tin solder.

Ruining templates

There is a tradition that a husband gives his wife a bouquet of 11 roses for the 10th anniversary of the wedding: ten pink and one white. Into the furnace templates.

Give your husband a bouquet of 51 white roses. Hmm … somehow simple … Oh, I came up with: add a note to each of the 50 roses with a very brief, literally a couple of words, a reminder of a vivid joint memory. Already in 10 years they should be much more than 50 … Why fifty? “Show your tongue” to the stereotype – replace one flower in the bouquet with a pink rose.

roz buket

You’ll go straight…

Yes, I’m talking about the mentioned third principle of choosing a gift. An anniversary is an occasion for a really expensive gift. And if it is also useful and desirable, then you can’t think of a better one. Having lived in a place for so many years, you definitely had to find out the needs and desires of your spouse. A great reason to embody them.

I understand the riot of fantasies with the stamp “18+”, but I’m talking about more prosaic material needs. For example, a home studio – a photo salon or an artist’s creative laboratory – will not do without a professional light source. Such an illuminator is worth… In general, not for every day purchase. What is more important: traditions and prejudices or the comfort and pleasure of a spouse? Only you know the answer.

So, my dear ones, think and decide. Someday I will be concerned about a gift to my beloved for the anniversary… In the meantime, goodbye.

Finally, keep a little secret about how to make a delicious bouquet of roses yourself:

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Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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