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Summer is not only a time for sea holidays, fruits and vacations. This is, first of all, the wedding season. According to statistics, most couples postpone such an important and solemn event for the summer. Therefore, an article on the topic “What to give children for a wedding from their parents” will be very relevant for many of my readers.

Of course, the choice of a wedding present for children depends, first of all, on the parents’ budget. I will not name an apartment, a car, a cottage or a yacht in this article.

It seems to me that parents with such funds are unlikely to be puzzled by the question of what to give to children and certainly will not Google such questions on the Internet.

But for those who do not have a lot of money, but want to give an interesting memorable and useful gift, my advice will definitely come in handy.

For parents, the wedding of children is a special occasion and a day that they perceive quite differently than their children. And if it is an easy, fun event for the newlyweds, then parents are always a little sad on this day, because they have to let their children go into independent life. Therefore, I want to make a special, sincere gift.

I tried to pick up the most useful and necessary things that will not only be useful to a young couple in their new family life, but will also remind them of the care and love of their parents every time.

What can be a wedding present?

  1. Household appliances. No matter how banal it may sound, but sometimes newlyweds need not so much original as the necessary practical gifts.
  2. Refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, microwave oven, TV. It is advisable to arrange a gift in advance, without creating a secret, so that there are no unexpected dubs at the wedding in the form of a second microwave oven, iron or vacuum cleaner. If you want to embellish a boring household gift in some special way, then you can add attributes to it. For example, to hand over the refrigerator along with the grocery basket. Children will appreciate an edible gift in the first days of their independent life. Give an iron with a tablecloth, and a microwave oven with a beautiful recipe book.
  3. Camera. If you give expensive mirror equipment, you can additionally attach a certificate for a master class of photographers.
  4. A tourist voucher for a honeymoon. To make the gift look especially beautiful, you can give a ticket together with a globe on which to mark the destination with a pin with a photo of the newlyweds. Accompany the gift with the words: “So that at your silver wedding, this whole globe will be marked by interesting trips together with our grandchildren.” And you can give a ticket in a fashionable travel suitcase. If you do not want to impose a wedding trip with a specific country, but want to give children the right to choose, you can arrange in advance with a travel company and present a certificate with an open date.
  5. Furniture. A necessary gift in the event that the young are already provided with housing.Fairy furniture
  6. Tableware is a classic of the genre. But if you really give, then a high-quality one. One that will last for many years. A set of Swiss dishes with ceramic coating will allow the hostess to cook not only delicious food, but also useful for the whole family. Made of environmentally friendly materials, the cookware is suitable for all modern types of cooktops, which makes it multifunctional and versatile.I look at it myself and envy its owners :)
  7. Tea set. Such a gift will keep loving people warm for many years and unite them at the same table on winter evenings.
  8. Gift certificate. For anything: furniture, household appliances, repairs. Let the youth choose the necessary things themselves. Such a gift differs from the delivery of money precisely by its intended use. So you will be sure that the young will not spend money on nonsense))

We give with the soul, and we design with imagination

A great option to combine a gift. For example, to give money not in an envelope, but in a beautiful wallet. Such a gift will always remind you of a memorable date. To complement the wedding bouquet with a stylish expensive vase, and the coffee maker with a set of elite coffee.

If you have chosen a tea set, make a set of sweets, good tea and the service itself. Such a gift is sure to be remembered and will give warm pleasant emotions.

You can collect a whole basket of sweets, put a few jars of jam, honey there and give them with the words: “May the honeymoon in your married life never end.”

Original gifts from creative parents

Who said that gifts should only be material? You can approach this creatively by showing imagination.

Just imagine what delight your children and all the guests will have a fun dance with her husband. Of course, it is not necessary to start preparing for the performance of the dance on the eve of an important event. Enroll in a dance school or take a few lessons with your husband from a professional choreographer.

Keep this gift a secret, arrange in advance with the presenter so that he comes up with an original eyeliner for your dance. And when the turn at the banquet itself comes up to the parents’ congratulations – make a real splash!

Your dance will remain not only in the memory of all those gathered, but also in photos and videos. Even your grandchildren will then be happy to review how famously grandma and grandpa danced at their parents’ wedding.

Pair of young

You can prepare a musical number in the same style and sing a song. If the creative potential and relationships with future matchmakers allow, involve them in the concert number.

Surprise! Surprise! Long live the surprise!

Do you want to make a wedding a truly unforgettable event and really surprise the young? Down with standard templates, money in envelopes and boring toasts with the presentation of gifts!

How to present a gift in an original way?

1. Order a parachutist. Just imagine the surprise of the newlyweds, who happily leave the registry office, and before their eyes a parachutist descends from the sky and hands them gifts from their parents.

Of course, all this requires a large degree of organization, it is necessary to dock everything in time, not to miss the slightest detail, but if you entrust this matter to a wedding agency, then all the worries and organizational problems will fall on their shoulders. And you will only have to accept enthusiastic words of gratitude from the children and admiring applause from the surprised guests.

2. Money can be given not just in the form of boring paper bills, but to convert them into gold coins. Fill a flower pot by giving with the words: “Let them multiply and multiply on fertile soil.”

Paper bills can be converted into the currency of different countries of the world, attach them to the globe, respectively, to each country and give them with wishes to travel around the world.

You can make a deposit in the bank if you are worried that the children will spend an impressive amount of money on their first honeymoon.

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Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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