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Good day to all my subscribers and new guests! In this article I would like to tell you about a gift to a man with a joke. About how to give, what to give and how appropriate it is. If you are interested, welcome.

In general, if someone is to give funny, humorous gifts, it is, of course, our men. Here the girls are somehow less loyal to such gifts, and it’s better not to joke with them on this topic.

But for a man, especially one who has everything, such a gift will be a great reason to draw attention to himself, to make a compliment, and just to cheer up.

Who is inappropriate to give funny gifts to?

No matter how much fun you have during the gift, not always such gifts will be able to cheer up and entertain a person.

Sometimes, with an unsuccessfully chosen surprise, you can simply put a person in an uncomfortable position. And what’s even worse, in the case of the leadership, you will incur problems. Therefore, before choosing such gifts, it is better to think a hundred times.

I would not recommend giving cool presents:

  1. The person who is older than you
  2. To the boss with whom you have a purely business relationship
  3. To a work colleague who does not have a sense of humor
  4. To a person with whom you are not familiar
  5. To the leo man :)


Creating jokes with our own hands

Funny piggy bank. To do this, you can take any three-liter jar (you can, of course, and smaller, but the larger the container, the more fun the gift looks). Glue it with your funny photos, roll up the lid and cut a hole.

Vitamin bank “Excellent mood”. Everything is done very simply. You buy different lollipops, caramels, marmalades and pack each one in a colored piece of paper, on which funny phrases, jokes, sayings were previously selected and printed out. Put it in a jar, preferably glass. So the gift will look more elegant and brighter. The person to whom you present such a jar of vitamins of good mood will definitely appreciate your sense of humor and every time you open the jar, he will remember you.

A game of dartz, where instead of a field you stick your photo or a photo of the boss. In the second case, it is not recommended to play such a game in the office, but at home, with friends and colleagues, it will even be very fun!

TOP of the best gifts with a joke

  1. Creative toilet paper with jokes and anecdotes. I would take such a souvenir to entertainment literature, well, do not use it for its intended purpose))
  2. Funny family underpants with funny inscriptions. Here, someone has enough imagination for something. By the way, if you want an individual gift, you can make a print of your photo and give it.
  3. A table set of chess , where instead of figures there are glasses. By the Checkmate move, as a rule, everyone forgets the basic rules of the game.
  4. A magnet on the refrigerator with the inscription: “Stop eating!”, “I see everything”, “Don’t touch the cutlets”, well, everything in this style. A little souvenir, but it will cheer you up and make you laugh.
  5. Cool flask in the form of a book.Tualetnaya-bumaga
  6. Flash drive, which looks like a bank the card.
  7. Flying alarm clock. By the way, this is not only a very cool thing, but also very practical. Especially it will be appreciated by dormice, who like to sleep and are always late for work. The action is simple. The alarm clock rings at a set time and, rising, vibrates in the air for several seconds. So you can’t reach out with your hand on the machine and turn off the sound. And when you get up, you certainly won’t fall asleep.
  8. Splashing camera. The present is suitable for a person who likes to accept cool gifts himself, and even more likes to make fun of others. Just imagine how he gathers the team together with a request to take a memorable photo and at the crucial moment presses the button, and from there.. no, not a bird, but a volley of spray. Well, the attitude of others to such humor is on the conscience of the photographer. You know for sure that you should not stand in the first row in the general photo.
  9. The fountain pen is a guard. It is especially interesting for colleagues who all complain that they are always stealing pens. When you press the cap, it shocks. Not much, of course, but it is quite noticeable in order to permanently discourage small office thieves from appropriating other people’s items.
  10. A high-quality bright T-shirt with the image of Vladimir Putin will be a great gift for a colleague on his birthday. Especially such a gift will be appreciated by people who respect and support the President. I highlight it especially, since now many are “infected” with a wave of patriotism (in a good way, of course)):

In conclusion, I would like to say that no matter what bright and cool gift you choose, it will be boring and uninteresting without an appropriate presentation. It’s like cooking a delicious unusual dinner and serving it in a bowl.

So come up with the appropriate words and the gift will become even more piquant and more fun ;)

I hope that you have found a lot of useful ideas in this article and will be able to please and cheer up your friends, work colleagues or boss.

Do not forget to subscribe to the blog, comment and share links in social networks. It inspires me so much, you know :)

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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