5 wonderful gift options with your own hands for your beloved sister

Gifts with your own hands

Hello to everyone gathered today for a new fascinating post ;) Today I will share ideas on how to make a gift to my sister with my own hands. Yes, such that my sister liked it, and did not give you a lot of trouble in time.

Moreover, the ideas here will be quite feasible for both the sister and the brother to be congratulated. So get ready and pay attention ;)

5 of the coolest gifts

Perhaps someone will say that such gifts are suitable only for not very adult girls. But I would personally be pleased to receive any item from the list above)

The main thing is that a person should make a little effort and do the thing not “for show”, but with joy, then the gift will be what you need.

Elastic band bracelet “Interlacing of hearts”

This topic is on the rise now and it will not be difficult to purchase materials.

Well, as a recent starter, I want to show you a video on which I got such a wonderful bracelet:

Bracelet "Intertwined hearts"

Considering that I’ve never wove rubber bands before, I can say for sure that you can do it)

Before viewing, prepare 16 rubber bands for each heart, a hook (preferably two, but you can do without the second one) and a good mood:

A postcard for a relative

Perhaps the most versatile option, for which you will need several sheets of thick paper, glue, scissors, ribbons and lace.

The most important thing is that you will need literally 10-15 minutes for this present – and you will already be able to feel like a scrapbooking genius :)

Decorative cage

You can’t put real birds in such a one, but you can really admire the cell on the table)

I was struck by the simplicity of its manufacture in combination with the effect produced.

You will need a plastic cover, thick paper, scissors, pencil, decorative elements and an adhesive gun (you can replace it with ordinary glue).

Sock bunny

Sock toys are so warm and soft! And, most importantly, very easy to manufacture.

Just in no case do not take used socks. It’s just “ugh.” An extreme case is the perfect condition of socks, and even then it is preferable to buy new ones)

So, for a funny bunny, you will need a sock, needle, thread, sintepon, scissors, eyes, decorative elements. By the way, socks can be purchased in absolutely any size and colors – the main thing is to look beautiful.

Heart of thread

A very interesting idea is a heart made of threads.

This is what will be useful to you for its manufacture: threads, PVA glue, scissors or a knife, accessories. For the base, you can use two material options:

  1. A ball of the desired shape. Then it will be possible to start wrapping the ball with threads immediately after inflating, and after drying, just pierce it – you will not have to mess with the base.
  2. Use foam, cardboard mold and foil, as in the video. The option is more time-consuming, but the variety of forms here depends only on your imagination, and not on the assortment of the store. Here the base will have to be cut, but it will be possible to put different beauties inside (beads, bells, a small toy)

If you could not decide, then take a look at the article about <../podarki-na-vse-sluchai-zhizni/svoimi-rukami-dlya-lyubimoj.html " target="_blank">handmade gifts for a girl. There are even more ideas that are never superfluous.

Tell us what impressed you the most, and also share your congratulatory options ;) See you soon)

P.S. Subscribe for updates and you will learn many more gift ideas :) Also a plus in karma for those who make a repost and like)

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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