Gift to your loved one with your own hands: 8 mega-ideas

Gifts with your own hands

Hello to all readers of the blog ! Anastasia Skoreeva, its permanent author, is with you again. Today we will see how to make a gift to your loved one with your own hands in no more than 1-2 hours of your time.

I haven’t written on creative topics for a long time, only if stealthily. Well, now I’m going to walk around!))

Let’s not drag anyone by the tail and get down to our main topic as soon as possible. I decided not to break up the ideas for any special holidays, since they are all applicable for any holiday, be it a New Year, anniversary or Birthday.

By the way, these ideas are applicable for almost any age. So use them regardless of whether your guy or 60)))

Pillow: there are 100 ideas in it alone

My friends, can you imagine how many possible variations are hidden in just one pillow?

I’m not talking about those options where insanely complex decorative elements and patterns. I offer you something simpler and more exciting ;)

If you want to sew a pillow, you, of course, need to be able to sew either manually or on a typewriter. But I hope that the girls have been to our labor lessons, they remember something from there.

So, the simplest pillow consists of two parts. It can be anything: a heart, letters (for example, love), funny animals, a pillow under your head (similar to the letter “c”). You can also sew pockets on the pillow and put something small and cute in each one.

This is quite suitable for 10 years of wedding)

All that needs to be done is to cut out two parts of the pillow with small allowances for the seam and sew them, leaving room for turning out and stuffing. Accordingly, after stuffing, sew up the hole.

In general, one interesting little book of my authorship will be published soon, in which this process will be considered in a little more detail.

In the meantime, here are a few ideas for you:


Podushka kot
Podushka lyagushka
Podushka serdce

2 Jars of magic

You can take a beautiful jar, blanks for which are sold in stores for creativity, and put it inside:

  • notes with wishes;
  • “100 reasons why I love you”;
  • sweets;
  • beautiful beads;
  • small figures.

The bottle can be of different sizes, the main thing is that what you want fits there.

A really fast way to make a really cool gift to your loved one :)

Butylki zhelaniy

3 Set of a real man

In such a set you can put:

  • several bottles of good alcohol (although nowadays you never know if it’s good?));
  • set: instant noodles+canned food+dumplings;
  • elite perfume+shirt.

In general, there are a lot of variations. The main thing is that the container in which you will put the gift fits your ideas. Don’t forget to write on the cover: “For a real man.”

4 Photo Collage

It may seem that the idea is somewhat hackneyed. But only at first glance ;)

For example, you can take one full-length photo of a loved one and arrange it as below (for this you will need a couple dozen more photos):

Kontur collazh

And you can use newspapers and magazines, from which to take pictures for a fantastic design.


And a classic heart – only from photos – where without it?)
Serdce collazh

5 Painting things

For such experiments, you will need the following: acrylic paints on fabric, brushes and a good idea for drawing.

Why acrylic? They dry out quickly enough and do not wear out.

Of course, if you take a drawing of a sufficiently large volume, then it will take a lot of time. But if you just print in a beautiful font: “I love you”, add hearts, sequins and other decorations, then it really won’t be long.

What can be painted?

  • umbrella;
  • t-shirt;
  • men’s bag;
  • computer mouse;
  • cover for tablet or other gadget.

You can also rehabilitate your man’s old things, such as jeans, for example, by applying an ultra-fashionable pattern on them.


6 Ball with a gift

In this case, the ball, as it were, serves as a package of an interesting present.

For large items like toys, mugs, etc., special equipment is needed.

But it is quite possible to put money, a flower, candy, a flash drive or even everyone’s favorite socks there at home.


And here is a video that shows how to beautifully pack money into a ball, while not using special devices:

About other ways of wrapping gifts, read here.

7 Rubber madness

Now only a lazy or wildly busy person does not weave different things from Rainbow Loom rubber bands. And not only bracelets can be woven here.

You can create a keychain, a small rug, and even a belt (although this certainly does not fit into quick gifts).

For example, a keychain “Cherries” crocheted (and, believe me, that just do not weave, and do not knit from them):

8 Case

Where is our darling without a case for his beloved smartphone? Or maybe he wears glasses, and he needs protection of their surface?

In general, here, according to one scheme, you can do both, slightly changing the pattern (you can stretch it in Word or Photoshop):

Vikroika konverta

And you will get such a charm:


Do not forget about high-quality materials for making your gifts. One of the simplest options here – a pillow – can be created from soft minky fleece. You won’t find this in our stores, so go here. I have ordered here more than once myself – you will definitely not regret it :)

These are the ideas I have accumulated so far :) I hope you enjoyed it. In the meantime, see you later!

PS Subscribe to blog updates, repost, comment – most importantly have fun :)

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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