Cool ideas about what to give a teenager on March 8

March 8th

Hello, dear blog readers! Anastasia Skoreyeva is with you again. And today we are wondering what to give a teenager on March 8?

Of course, the holiday is not coming soon (at the moment – the end of June), but who knows when this article will come to you, the reader?

Well, we’re not going to waste time for a long time, let’s get down to business right away!

How to give a present?

Not all girls really need fanfare and an unusual gift presentation, it is often the present.

Although a little “tinsel” will not hurt ;)

How can you add fabulousness or just romance to holiday greetings? There are several options:

  1. Accompany the main gift with a bouquet of candy flowers . A cool combination for no longer a girl, but not yet a woman. A kind of combination of childishness and adult state.
  2. Give a bunch of balloons :) It doesn’t have to be a lot of them, but it’s such a positive charge! And if there is an opportunity to purchase several balloons with helium, then you can tie a gift to them and run it under the ceiling of the room before the girl wakes up. I think she will be pleasantly surprised) Balloon girl
  3. Pack the gift beautifully. Often people don’t think about it, but a simple organza bag simply transforms even the most modest gift! You can also stick cute emoticons on the gift box, tie a bow, etc.

The video shows how to make an original and simple bow for a gift – try it, you will definitely succeed :)

Cool gift options

The age of a girl does not always play an important role.

Although a gift to a 12- and 16-year-old girl is sometimes completely opposite things.

For a very little girl who has just entered this strange time called “adolescence” (11 – 13 years old), they will surely fit:

  1. Digibirds birds. Such cute birds! They sing beautiful songs, a great interactive gift for the baby. And you will definitely surprise)
  2. Rainbow Loom rubber bands. Oh, now teenagers are just crazy about them! And both girls and boys. Once there were ordinary threads from which baubles were woven, now these funny rubber bands. It’s amazing how I haven’t gotten to them yet))) But my brother is weaving with might and main – and he’s doing great! In general, I highly recommend this thing. The little girl will be delighted!
  3. Apparatus for the preparation of cotton candy . The gift, of course, is large, but there will be no end to joy)

If the girl is already 13 – 16 years old, then you can give something more adult, for example:

  1. Gel anthill. I recently found out about such a funny thing. It is relatively inexpensive, but how original) Inside the glass anthill is a special gel that is a breeding ground for ants. Ants are not included in the kit, but I think this is not a problem)
  2. Columns “Dancing fountains”. Beautiful speakers in which the illuminated water moves, focusing on the volume and tempo of the music.
  3. Microphone for computer. In modern conditions, the thing is simply irreplaceable, especially if the microphone is also beautifully decorated)

Perhaps you are looking for a gift not for a girl at all, but for a girl (16-19 years old). Then take a closer look at these options:

  1. Nail design kit. Suitable for any fashionista)
  2. The block of gum “Love is…” is a romantic set of elastic bands that will bring pleasant memories or just make you smile.
  3. Luminous pillow. A super-old luminous pillow will please even the most adult young lady.

If you need something specific

Sometimes a girl (or a girl?) she knows, what to give her. Remember yourself in your youth (or try it on yourself if you belong to the teenage category): surely it has happened that I wanted to get something quite specific, accessible to the donor by means and capabilities, but… That’s not what you got at all.

Or maybe it happened the other way around: you were passionately dreaming about something and bam – for some holiday you got this “something”. And the control task: compare these two sensations.

How do you like it? :) I think you know what I mean. A surprise is a surprise, and there is no getting away from the desire.

Sailor Moon

Once I searched for all the “Sailor Moon” series for a long time. And the Internet was tight then, there was only the DVD option. And then they brought a complete set of series to one separate truck. I honestly puzzled over where to collect the necessary few hundred to find the much-desired series…

And suddenly Dad gives me these few CDs! It was just stunning))) Jumped to the ceiling, looked excitedly…

In general, ask the girl in advance what she wants. Do it carefully and unobtrusively. Even if you find yourself unable to provide what a teenager dreams of, you will know in which direction to move.

Suddenly she just wants original diary? And you’re racking your head)

diary for a girl
As they say, you will kill 2 birds with one stone: and give what you need, and decide on the vector of choice for the future.

This is the end of the description of my ideas, I hope you have learned something for yourself. Share your opinions on this topic in the comments, offer your solutions ;)

See you soon!

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Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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