The most joyful gift for mom on March 8

March 8th

I am glad to welcome everyone present! Nastya Skoreeva is with you, and this means that we are waiting for a new exciting journey into the world of gift dreams)

Today we will discuss with you what to give mom on March 8. We will also touch on the aspect of the lack of money and its availability, as well as homemade options and nuances concerning them.

I would call International Women’s Day more like another official occasion to bring a little positive emotions to relatives than a serious reason for a gift. But nevertheless it is better to prepare and do it not at the last moment :)

Appreciation from the son

What can a son give to a tender celebration of women and spring? It seems that it should be something that shows appreciation, gratitude of the son. I would recommend finding out in advance what your mom wants to get.

But if this is not possible, then do not ignore the bouquets… of teddy bears) (or other toys).

They have now become widespread, you can find both insanely expensive and quite affordable.

Bears in a bouquet

What is the advantage of such a gift? Well, at least it can be stored for as long as you want, unlike a quickly withering natural bouquet. Believe me, this is a very memorable thing that will always remind you of your attitude towards mom.

If you have a large enough amount on hand, then I would advise you to turn your gaze towards drawing courses, for example. But they should be given only if mom has time and at least the slightest interest.

Child care

As I wrote earlier, it is often much easier for us girls to choose. But it’s not always so rosy.

In which direction is it better to move if there is no clear idea of the contents of the gift? Practicality will help you! Rather, a kind of synthesis of romance and practicality.

Gift cookies

For example: a set of bright, bright summer towels in a delicate-colored wicker basket. And on top – a small postcard with warm words. And you can also attach a thematic magnet.

By the way, if you think that the idea for a gift is banal – say, a diary – then just look for the original version of this thing.

For example, a handmade diary or such that all pages have a different design. Comparing the usual version with these, you immediately realize that the present goes into the category of almost elite gifts))

If the money has flown to distant lands

Oh, I periodically touch on this topic in various articles. Is there a separate post on this topic to be published?)

Our people are often not rich, or consider themselves to be so. Therefore, this time I will not ignore the issue of lack of funds.

So what should we do, comrades? Let’s look at the situation from two viewing angles:

Option #1 “I can spend no more than 100 rubles.”

Believe me, this is not bad at all :) For this amount, it is quite possible to purchase something from the list:

  • a small handmade postcard
  • an embroidered handkerchief
  • aromasache (small fragrant pads)
  • a set of shells for decoration
  • a set of threads for needlework

Agree, quite passable ;) I would personally be glad of such presents.

And also visit Fix Price stores and the like more often. That’s where you’ll definitely find something you need, and bright, and inexpensive.

Option #2 “Well, not at all : (“

This option is somewhat sadder, but still not hopeless. The main way out is to do something with your own hands. But there are also pitfalls: think about it, materials are also not bought for air?)

Also focus on emotional gifts: a perfectly cleaned apartment or a renovated washing machine is quite suitable.

Creative is not childish

But there are also options for how you can make gifts with your own hands without costs or practically without them. One of them is the decoration of the room for the holiday.

And about the other, watch the video:

Well, that’s the end of the article :) I hope I inspired you. Bye everyone! Share your impressions and subscribe to blog updates.

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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