What should I give my sister on March 8? 10 ideas

March 8th

Friends, hello everyone! Today we have an issue on the agenda that is relevant for many: what should I give my sister on March 8? And at the end of the article, you will find an idea that will suit absolutely any girl, regardless of age.

Of course, not everyone has sisters. But those who have them present probably face the problem of choosing a gift.

And besides, sisters are of different ages: someone has them very little, and someone already has children. My sister, for example, has already got two children, and my husband’s younger relative is barely 11 years old.

I’m not talking about the fact that relations with them do not always work out the way we would like, so it can be extremely difficult to choose a present due to ignorance of the preferences of the gifted. For example, sister is not native.

Well, I’ve been talking quite a bit. Let’s get started. There will be more than 10 ideas, so read more carefully ;)

What should I give my brother to my sister?

March 8 is not the biggest holiday in the calendar. Therefore, (theoretically) it is easier to choose a present even for a brother.

And to make it quite easy, I suggest you get acquainted with this interesting little thing that will help the brothers gathered here.

Certificate. This idea seems hackneyed to many. But that’s why everyone forgets about her and gives these magic leaves extremely rarely! Choose according to your age and preferences.

A certificate to a toy store is more suitable for a little girl, and a young girl – to a fashion clothing or accessories store.

This is, perhaps, the most helpful magic thing that will not spoil the relationship with a relative and will not let you get by.


For little sister

Here you can collapse in the field of soft toys and toys-razvivalok.

And here are some more ideas:

  1. Baby terry towel or blanket. Oh, my husband gave his sister such a wonderful baby blanket that you can roll up into a teddy bear! And how happy she was! And inexpensive)
  2. Chocolate shell with pearls. For a little sweet tooth is just a godsend :)
  3. A set for needlework. Felt bags, the most popular rubber bands now… Wow! And they are all in an affordable price category for everyone. I would also classify it as inexpensive.

For the older sister

An older relative can be given a lot of useful presents. You don’t even guess about some of them, I give you a tooth :))

  1. Charger in the form of a credit card. They can charge both the phone and the tablet. Just super-cool :)
  2. Radio for the shower. I wouldn’t be too happy if they handed me such a thing. Sometimes it’s so boring to be stuck in the bathroom without a decent musical accompaniment.
  3. Selfie monopod. For the young and “crazy” in photographing. It is not suitable for everyone, you need to know the tastes of the gifted.

I would also highlight such gifts as: a thermos mug, a basket with goodies (for example, with good apples) and a lamp of unusual shape.

A gift with your own hands

I decided to give you a couple of vidyashek that will help you make a gift to a dear relative with your own hands – this is a paper mug and a box painted with acrylic paints:

And here is the promised universal gift:

Space food! That’s the thing, that’s the thing :) I was very surprised when I saw it. The idea is wonderful: at any age, you can feel like a real astronaut, capable of intergalactic feats.

Well, that’s the end of the article about the sisters and March 8. I think you’ve found a couple of interesting ideas for yourself :) Or not? If so, then be sure to tell me what I left out.

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Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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