Fabulous surprises for all children for the New Year 2023

New Year

A holiday comes to the house, a holiday comes to the house… In fact, it’s not quite coming yet, but who knows when you found this article, dear readers? Nastya Skoreeva welcomes you and if you want to find out what to give your child for the New Year, then do not switch! There will be ideas related to the symbol of 2023.

Maybe I don’t remember very well what childhood dreams and desires are. But the reality is that the memories of this are still alive in me to this day, and someday I will still have to face this question.

By the way, for those who like to squander to the end right away: a nice bonus to the ideas listed below awaits you there.

What to give your child for the New Year 2023

Remember yourself when you were kids. What did you want most of all? I’m not even talking about dreams of conquering outer space or heroic firefighting.

I think I’ll guess if I tell you what you wanted… fairy tales. In its various manifestations: not going to kindergarten, playing with magical animals, doing various magical things yourself.

Fairy of the night

That is why many children compose various tall tales, while adults scold them for it or just brush them off (not all, of course). Sometimes in a fictional world it’s just more comfortable, more fun, brighter.

And why is the New Year not a reason to show the baby that in reality there are also many bright and colorful things?

I recently came across an awesome coloring book. The bottom line is that with the help of a special application, you can animate pictures, actually drawing your own cartoon! I think this will definitely surprise the little storyteller.

The essence of my long speech is as follows: support the writer, let him feel needed and loved during the winter holiday.

Gifts for girls of all ages

For a child-girl, a holiday is, first of all, an opportunity to dress up in something extraordinary and show yourself in all its glory. Attention, of course, is required for boys too, but girls crave attention to their appearance in particular.

But this does not mean that you can only give cosmetic sets and dresses. The girls are waiting for the celebration and miracles that you can give them. Such wonders will be discussed below.

Baby 0-3 years old

Where are you, my baby,

Are you running after the cat again?

I’ll tie it (run faster)

The first bow on the head!

The easiest way, oddly enough, is to choose a gift for newborn princesses. In fact, what can be useful to newly minted young parents? After all, gifts now need to be considered from their point of view.

Most likely, it will come in handy

  • Clothes for growth . There is rarely a situation when the expenses for a newborn child easily fit into the budget and there is always enough money. Often a present in the form of clothes will be perceived extremely positively. But! Choose things at least one size, and preferably two more. To do this, of course, you will have to consult with the baby’s father and mother.
  • If the girl is already six months old, then it’s time to think about baby food in jars. Ask the gifted what brand they prefer and give a large children’s “cake” from the cherished jars and bottles.
  • Developing mat. There are a huge number of them now. And there are never many of them! After all, sometimes the purpose of such mats is so different that a gift will always come in handy, even if it is already the tenth.

Ideas for a 3-8 year old girl

So, I gave you the general advice, and now it’s time for concrete ideas! A little girl 3-8 years old can be given the following for the New Year:

  • “Magic” notepad. The bottom line is that the girl writes down her wishes there, and they are fulfilled after some time. The main thing is to explain to the child that the desire does not necessarily come to life quickly and that it can come to life in the most unexpected way or be fulfilled in some special way.
  • A fancy toy. I remember when I was a child, my dad gave me a talking bear. This surprised and pleased me very much! I talked to him all day, and he kept repeating. Yes, it’s harder to surprise children now. But what’s wrong with, say, Furby? My husband’s younger sister has one – a funny thing. But there is already a ranking: if the same Furby is interesting to an older girl, then a branded educational toy (for example, from the company Lamaze) will suit very little ones. Furby
  • A set for transformation into the heroine of your favorite cartoon. As a child, I would have given anything for the image of Sailor Moon. And you need to ask the little one what is interesting to her. Now getting an outfit of any character is not a problem at all, there are many online and offline stores ready to provide an opportunity to fulfill the baby’s dream even for relatively little money.
  • A handbag with pets. There are different variations of this present: there may be dogs, horses and even unicorns inside! The handbag itself is sewn from soft materials and is a house inside which pets are attached on ribbons.
Such a gift will become a kind of self-help guide for the child on animal care. He will allow you to give your warmth, even if for now, to toys, but which already have their own separate place of residence, their own territory. This moment is especially important if the baby dreams of his hamsters, rats and other aquarium-cellular pets.

In general, for children of this age, the gift is valuable for its brightness and ability to inspire new interesting activities. For example, finger paints will be a discovery for a 3-year-old baby, but for a girl closer to 8 years old, the first set of cosmetics will have more value.

What to give to a 9-14 year old girl

More and more at this age, children begin to pay attention to their femininity. In parallel with this, objects of the outside world like fancy gadgets, popular souvenirs (like spinners in their time) become relevant. So if you want to please, then get something that is now at the peak of popularity.

If you don’t want to be “like everyone else”, then take a closer look at these ideas

  • Stole. A handkerchief of amazing beauty, which girls at this age will already be able to appreciate as a gift. Take a closer look at the exotic shades of this amazing thing.
  • Sneakers with backlight. They were fashionable a few years ago, but even now they do not lose their relevance among young people. Find out from the child (or her parents) the size of the leg and go ahead – in search of the same pair.
  • Backpack of an unusual model. Focusing on the tastes of the girl, pick up an accessory that will definitely suit her taste. Do you like the romantic direction? Let it be a backpack with vintage patterns of roses. Does he like new trends in art and modern trends? Then stop at the “space” backpack, simulating the compartment of the ship with the likeness of a hatch.

These are the gifts you can give to a female child. For older girls, I don’t write advice here, because these are already girls.

Ideas for boys of all ages

Boys at any age are always ready to rush to explore something unknown. This applies to both adventures, sports, and new knowledge and activities. What then can be given to young trackers, scientists and athletes?

Boys 0-2 years old

Here the recommendations are similar to the recommendations for girls. Clothes, food, educational things – all this will come in handy for the baby. But what else is there to please a little boy?

Take a closer look at the sets of rubber toys for the bathroom in the form of cars and other types of transport. Maybe stop your choice on the soldiers? Also a good idea for a gift.

Don’t like the rubber version of the gizmos? Think of wooden toys. Some experts believe that natural materials have a good effect on the emotional state of the child and make it calm the nerves. However, the paint in this case should be as neutral as possible.
  • A lamp projecting the night sky. Such toys seem to be necessary for older guys. But it is at this age that the projector will help distract the child’s attention by presenting a beautiful image of the starry heavens, thus occupying it for a while.
  • Folding cubes. All children, without exception, like to play with them. Depending on the budget, you can pick up both a huge tower to the sky, and a more modest set of a toy pyramid.
  • Educational toys in the form of a faucet for washing, feeding toys, etc. Such gifts will help you master the world around you much faster. And learning, for example, to wash is always more fun with such friends.

3-7 years old

The most active age in terms of the desire to know the world around us! Actual gifts to children at this age:

  • Snowball machine. Now you can defeat the enemy not only by the power of your ingenuity, but also by a weapon advantage! After all, your opponent will throw snowballs made by hand, and use only his hands. And the boy to whom you hand the snowball machine will have a tactical advantage!
Do you want real battles and battles? Order several snowballs at once, so that all your friends and comrades have enough.
  • Skates. Not all children know how to ride them. But isn’t winter the best reason to learn how to do it? Find out the size of the boy’s feet and boldly run to the store for a pair of brand new skates.
  • Snowcat. If you have a large enough money limit, then opt for a snowcat. In winter, it will bring a lot of joy to the child, and if the parents are in a hurry somewhere, then this thing will also help out.
  • An unusual mug. The idea itself does not seem new and even somewhat hackneyed. But we are not talking about simple mugs, but about dishes in the form of Darth Vader’s head, a New Year’s deer or even a symbol of the coming year.
  • Home football. How great it is sometimes to play a game in such a cool team game! So why not buy your own home football, and not go to a cafe or to friends for it? Table entertainment can be presented in a very miniature version, which will save the budget.

8-13 years old

Boys, as I remember, cannot live without studying various technical areas, computer games and gadgets. So let’s help them with this for the New Year by giving them:

  • Kits for conducting experiments. The stores are full of them now. And if you are well versed in chemistry, then you can assemble one yourself and pack it beautifully.
  • A super-cool figure of your favorite character. Such, believe me, sometimes cost a lot. But in this case, you need to be sure that you will hit exactly the target! Ask the child in advance what he would like.Grut
  • Retro prefix. For a while she went into oblivion. But now Dendy is a re–emerging legend. Many acquaintances acquire it only because it already belongs to the category of the past. By the way, the prefix will help you establish some continuity of generations, and this is very important!
  • Comics. In which universes does the child live? Does he dream of himself as Thor, or maybe “Steven Universe” is much closer to him? In either case, you can please him with a chic comic book edition with your favorite characters. Just find out beforehand if the boy already has these issues?
  • Magician’s kit. How else to while away the long winter evenings, if not watching your favorite movies? But an alternative to the changing pictures on the screen can be a cool set, with which you can show bright and interesting tricks. Believe me, this show will become your favorite entertainment during the whole New Year holidays.

Can you imagine how surprised the child will be? By the way, the same ideas can be offered to those who are looking for gift to a first grader.

I think you probably got some idea for yourself for a gift to the baby. Be sure to tell us about it in the comments.

P.S. See you soon, my dear! Do not forget to subscribe and like the entry, as well as save it to yourself using the social network buttons.

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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