The best New Year’s gift ideas for mom for 2020

New Year

Hello, everyone gathered to read a new article! Today we will find out what to give mom for the New Year so as to get right to the point and take into account that the cherished 2020 is coming.

I am writing this post at the end of June (I hope this will not confuse anyone), because sometimes a cool gift is found long before it may be needed for its intended purpose.

New Year is a time of magic, a time of dreams coming true and communication with loved ones. And I want to please my family with exactly what they dream about.

And choosing a gift often turns out to be not so easy, especially when it comes to present to mom. It is better to be puzzled by such a question in advance, so as not to put yourself in the deadline condition, when it is already difficult to find something worthwhile.

What to give mom for the New Year

Practical gifts for mom for the New Year 2020

The best gift is the most necessary gift. This is not always the case, but in case of an irresistible desire to give something necessarily useful, I offer you several options.

  • Thermos. Along with the gift, tell your mother something like: “May the warmth of this thermos always warm you as well as our love.” The thermos can be named so that the holiday is really a success.
  • Household appliances. There is a great variety in terms of price, but it’s worth asking in advance what exactly mom needs. (Only very carefully, otherwise he will guess).
  • Foot massager. I think it’s the perfect gift. After all, we are always in a hurry somewhere, our feet get tired, especially in uncomfortable shoes. And this thing will definitely help out a long evening. A good movie, a massager and a cup of hot tea is a great combination.
  • Towel holder. You can choose some unusual, funny. Or buy not horizontal, but vertical. A gift for very economic persons, so it’s not worth presenting such a surprise to a romantic person.
  • Touch dispenser for liquid soap. Imagine, your mother comes into the bathroom to wash her hands, and she does not need to squeeze out soap, it drips to her by itself, it is only necessary to bring her hands. Also, pleasant music will play.touch soap dispenser
  • Document holder. These are often taken on trips, but in everyday life this accessory will be useful to your mother no less. After all, holder is not a simple A4 folder, but a thoughtful place where documents and papers will not just be placed, but will also take their ideal place.
  • Triple sealed lunchbox. An ordinary box for eating can surprise now, but not everyone. But the triple volume in such a gift will surprise you for sure! This is very convenient, because now even a whole day at work is not terrible – a snack or even a full meal is always ready. Do you want the heat to be preserved as well? Choose a metal model. It will take a lot to look for such a gift, but it’s worth it.

Romance and beauty

Many mothers eventually stop spending time on their beauty. It’s not that they don’t want to, they just don’t consider it necessary. First small children, then work, then grandchildren… In general, our mission is to turn mom into a beauty queen with a holiday gift.

Gifts from this category are more suitable for presentation by a daughter, but perhaps the strong half of humanity will also find something useful in this section.

  1. Personal water balloon. Usually there are bears, houses or snowmen in this. And here’s Mom in the photo with herself. Agree, an interesting idea?
  2. Perfume. To choose the right ones, remember what perfume your mother uses. And choose similar in flavor.
  3. Certificate to a beauty salon. It can be spa, anti-cellulite procedures, and peeling. In general, the imagination will only disperse.
  4. Picnic set. This is a gift box that contains everything you need for a picnic. I came across a set for 4 people, but there are other options – it all depends only on your budget and time to search for a present.
  5. Curlers. And not simple curlers, but those that allow the hair to become wavy in just 15 minutes. I think mom will appreciate such a gift, because she can even wind them on her hair in the morning and get a beautiful hairstyle.
  6. A set for professional manicure . For mom, such a gift will be a real surprise. But remember! In addition to the basic kit, you should present mommy with courses on creating perfect nails, and even better, a certificate for individual training from a master. Although in the latter case, it should be borne in mind that mom has free time and energy.

curlers for mom

Exotic gifts for your beloved mother

As they say, for lovers of something like that. With some of these things, not only mom, but you probably meet for the first time. She herself was amazed by the ingenuity of the human mind.

So, here are some unusual ideas that will not leave any mom indifferent:

  • “Smart” can opener. A cool round thing that allows you to cut cans just once or twice. What does it look like? Will look at the photo below. Not like regular openers. With this, there should be no problems with opening any jar, because this mechanism is much more ergonomic than the usual can opener.otkryvashka
  • Japanese tea set. A truly exotic gift. It will calm the nerves, relieve tension. In the compartment with the set, you can print out the instructions for the tea ceremony to your mother, some special additions in the form of a special tray, a small tea keeper, brushes, etc.
  • Toilet paper holder with radio and clock. A witty idea for a cool gift. It will brighten up life and make you smile. It’s good, especially if it seems that everything has already been presented (and over the years this feeling visits more and more often).derzhatel
  • Florarium. Not a cheap idea, but very impressive. The essence: a flower in a glass container, which practically does not need to be watered. The cost of such gifts varies greatly, but even the smallest florarium will make a strong impression.
  • Clock for notes. Yes, you heard right: not a notepad for notes, but a watch. Cool, isn’t it? A completely white plastic watch with a marker and sponge included. An ideal and easily updated reminder for any time of the day. You can also set an alarm clock for a planned action!chasy dlya zapiseychasy s napominaniyami
  • Car kit for girls. The secret of such a set is in its color scheme. All components are pink! Despite the apparent fragility and decorativeness, all components are easy to use if the need arises. Of course, such a gift for mom can not be called universal, because it will be useful only for car ice. But after all, every year an increasing number of ladies get behind the wheel, so take note of this option.
  • Board game. It’s probably wrong to combine this very large collection of beautiful gifts into one item, but I’ll try anyway. In general, with board games, in addition to the “walkers” that have filled their teeth, where you only need to rearrange the chips, taking turns throwing dice, and the “fool”, there are many unusual and very simple board games, an example of one of which you can see below.
It will be a special surprise for this mom, because the world of board games has become so developed only recently.

Here is a list of gifts we got today for mom. I think she will definitely celebrate the New Year happy with them! Prepare for the holidays in advance so as not to get into an awkward situation.

New Year gifts for mom with your own hands

A cheerful box with a surprise, a warm diary or even a Christmas tree with a surprise – which handmade gift for mom will be the best choice? It’s up to you.

So that the fulfillment of such gifts does not become a problem, I have selected two videos for you in which you will find the most necessary tips for creating each needlework idea.

First you have to make a Christmas tree consisting of a bottle with a festive drink and fir branches. In addition, paper, decorative tape, small Christmas balls and glue gun will be useful.

And what about postcards made of bright scrap paper, Christmas cookies with sprinkles in a festive box, a warm cup in a sweater, a cover for a diary and some other ideas? All of them are collected in the video master class below. It will not be difficult to make them with your own hands, because the whole process of work is described in detail and filmed.

If you are not sure of your abilities, you can always make a gift together with someone from friends or relatives. After all, the New Year is a family holiday and mom will be very pleased that you not only thought of a surprise for her, but also teamed up with other people.

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Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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