How to choose a gift for a girl for 18 years from a guy?


Hello, here we meet again! What do we have here?) Wow!.. What colorful characters))) Yes, I’m talking about you, a young man with a crew cut and an impudent, but “locked” look. And about you, the kid with the shifty eyes and the sweat of nervous excitement. Here’s another thoughtful young man – hey, the letters are here, not outside the window! Everything is clear. Well, let’s talk about which gift to a girl for 18 years from a guy will be the best. Well, at least acceptable.

I give the installation: 18 years is tenderness and memory. A kind of threshold age. Adult life, as it were, has already begun, but how it is – “in an adult way” – is not yet entirely clear. Therefore, tenderness and reverence of the relationship.

However, this gives a certain scope to the choice of gifts: they can appeal to a recent child, giving calm, confidence and sincere delight; or they can also open up the horizon of a new world of adulthood with its style, practicality and new possibilities.

The girl will remember her eighteenth birthday all her life. And maybe longer, if the Buddhists are right. Do you want to write your name into the eternity of her memory or get off with a crumpled “here, like a gift”?

Yeah, they started up) Great, let’s continue.

So, first of all, decide whether your gift will be addressed to her childish nature or a new adult status.

Not infantile, but nostalgic

Lush white bow. Yes, like first graders. And a big chocolate bar. Such an image should be your beacon in search of a birthday gift for a girl, if you decide to amuse her inner child. Bright, lush, but stylish and harmonious. Like a bouquet of flowers made of balloons. Although you can’t do without fresh flowers either. An armful of peonies will do well.


The toy is trash, but there’s a hint in it

Give the girl a soft toy. Stop, don’t make a face. The trick is that the toy must have a meaning. Imagine what you want to say to a girl, but do not dare. How do you want stay in her memory? That’s based on this, choose a toy. Fortunately, now the choice is more than extensive on the Internet and in stores.

It can be a cute teddy puppy with a sad and trusting look. Or a cat: an imperious half-turn look, glossy fur. Maybe a huge monkey with open arms and a sincere smile all over his face? In general, the image of who you want to appear in her eyes.

Another option is to choose exactly her “toy” image – a funny turtle or a fluffy bunny.

A secret for a small company like this

There is also a more subtle and sophisticated method of choice. To do this, you need to remember an event that connects you with a girl or just a common memory. A toy with its appearance should definitely close the associative reaction to this memory or event.

By chance, she witnessed a scene: she pretends to try on and “at a run” jumps into his arms. He picks her up, picturesquely “sags” under the weight of the gymnast and gives out: “wow, a hundred-kilogram panda.” Do you catch it? Even if something later, in the future, goes wrong, as we would like, “hundred-kilogram pandochki” will cause her a sad, but very gentle smile.

Here in our time…

There is also a technique that I call “the dream of all childhood”. Its essence is that during the preparatory period – for a month or two or three – periodically bring the conversation into the channel of “how many toys there were, but there was never one in possession, but I wanted so much.” If she is lucky, she will reveal what kind of toy she dreamed of as a child, but never received. Take action. Find just such a one. Dreams come true. And those who helped to implement them are not forgotten.

Reception “Nostalgia” will be appreciated only by sophisticated girls. Now to the point. Time is changing the fashion. On clothes, interior style and toys. Analyze what she played with as a child and what is already a thing of the past. Tetris? Tamagotchi? A rainbow spring? Super Mario? Find, restore and donate. Add a delicate bouquet of ephemeral flowers.

At the end of the block about toys, I offer an option for real heroes: courageous, fearless and noble!..

Sew a soft toy with your own hands. Yes, that’s right. Along the way, many feats await you: going to a needlework store and choosing materials under the eyes of sellers and other customers, spending half the night sorting through patterns of plush miles, then gripping your teeth to endure the pain of pierced fingers, suppressing rage because of the ever-tangled thread, tearing an unfinished carcass in anger to start all over again. But in the end, Dulcinea’s heart will be melted)

Serious, large-scale

Almost a perfect gift for a girl on coming of age is a piece of jewelry. Gold and diamonds are expensive gifts. If the possibilities allow, then evaluate whether she will be able to accept an expensive gift without doubts and fears. Therefore, the author’s silver is the best option for an expensive jewelry gift for a girl: someday she will find out what “author’s” means.

The value of a pendant or pendant can be enhanced by commemorative engraving. The future is not predetermined, so be cunning: the content of the engraving should associatively point to you or refer to a common memory. Chains, bracelets and earrings – there is a choice.

brooch photo

Don’t give a ring. While. The ring is an engagement. Are you ready for such a step? Then… it’s still early. Be patient – all in good time.

Wow, mobile!

Modern life involves the use of a variety of gadgets: quite solid and expensive electronic products. One of these devices may well be a good gift for a girl.

And not necessarily an iPhone. By the way, of course, if not everything, then I certainly understand a lot, but God forbid you from vulgar hints. Yes, coming of age. Yes, you can now. But this is not a reason. Point.

Smartphone, e-book, original USB flash drive, professional camera, voice recorder, tablet PC, laptop and so on. To this list, you can add stylish lamps, alarm clocks and some household appliances. Only some. For example, a coffee maker with a cappuccino machine: elegant, stylish and practical.


18 years is the edge beyond which adolescence ends and youth begins absolutely unequivocally. But the characteristic of adolescence to classify oneself as one of the many subcultures does not let go so easily. Adjust. Gifts with a hint of the attributes of her chosen direction will be accepted with a bang. The bouquet should also be original and appropriate: one huge white lily or a wreath of flowers on the head.


Now, young people, you look better: there is determination, determination and hope in the look. Go prepare gifts – that’s it for today. Goodbye.

Finally, a short video about the most beautiful flowers in the world is an excellent selection:

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Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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