Orthopedic pillow – how not to make a mistake when choosing


An incorrectly selected pillow can affect the quality of sleep and well-being after waking up. The head and back aches, the neck is numb — all these are signs of an incorrectly selected product. The solution to the problem is buying orthopedic pillow.

Who needs to use an orthopedic pillow

An orthopedic pillow is prescribed by a doctor if a person has chronic diseases of the neck or spine. It is worth changing the product if there are the following problems:

  1. constant headaches,
  2. lack of sleep,
  3. insomnia,
  4. chronic neck diseases,
  5. curvature of the spine.

Even if there are no serious health problems, it is still recommended to change the standard pillow to an orthopedic one. The quality of sleep will improve, and after waking up, a feeling of cheerfulness will appear.

Orthopedic pillow is suitable for people who spend most of their time in a sitting position, for example, when working in the office. The model will restore normal blood flow to the head. The same effect is achieved with strong and constant physical exertion. After sleep, the pinching of the nerve endings is removed, the muscles relax.

Children under the age of three are not recommended to sleep on orthopedic pillows. The child’s spine has not yet been formed, and such a change of the product can negatively affect the development of the musculoskeletal system.

What are orthopedic pillows

Manufacturers produce orthopedic pillows of various shapes. The standard model is rectangular. The shape itself does not affect the orthopedic properties in any way, the effect appears only thanks to the filler. This product is suitable for people who do not have sleep disorders or diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

The wave-shaped pillow consists of two rollers of different sizes, which are connected by a recess in the middle. This shape easily adapts to the position of the head and neck. A large cushion is convenient for sleeping on the side, a small one on the back.

Pillows with a recess for the shoulder are suitable for those who sleep on their side. Also, such a product will help to establish sleep for overweight people.

The crescent-shaped pillow has increased softness, which ensures comfortable back support. This product is suitable for people who have diseases and disorders of the spine.


What are the fillers

The effectiveness of the orthopedic pillow depends on the filler.

The latex product has the following advantages:

  1. medium degree of rigidity,
  2. shape retention,
  3. elasticity,
  4. noiselessness,
  5. good moisture removal,
  6. service life of more than 5 years,
  7. the presence of a massage effect in models with a raised surface.

Buckwheat husk is the most eco—friendly material. The product provides good support and makes a light massage while the person is sleeping. The disadvantages include heavy weight and rustling during use.

Memory foam adapts to the features of the body. The filler is not as hard as latex, but it has a very elastic structure. The pillow follows the contours of the neck and head, which provides comfort during sleep. Thanks to this effect, the shape of the natural curve of the spine is repeated. The pillow wraps around the head and neck, which may be unusual at first.

Orthopedic pillow stiffness

Rigidity is selected according to several criteria. It is important in what position a person usually sleeps. If you prefer to lie on your back, choose a low and medium rigidity product. Low pillows with a high degree of softness will suit lovers of sleeping on their stomachs. Sleeping on your side will be as comfortable as possible on a high and medium hardness or soft product.

The rigidity of the mattress is taken into account. For a bed with medium and high rigidity, a high pillow is suitable, which creates a natural bend and good cushioning. The softer the mattress, the lower the product should be.

Listen to the sensations in the body, as the orthopedic pillow is selected for an individual level of comfort. If during sleep you want to put your hand under your head, and after waking up your shoulders go numb, the pillow is too soft. Neck pain is the main sign of too high stiffness of the pillow. If during sleep the chin almost touches the chest, change the product to a softer model.

The optimal size of such a pillow

The correct size of the orthopedic pillow will ensure maximum comfort during sleep. The dimensions should correspond to the preferences of the person.

Orthopedic pillows have standard sizes for all types of products. The width of the orthopedic model varies from 30 to 50 cm, length — from 40 to 80 cm. The dimensions are selected according to the size of the bed and the habits of the person.

If an orthopedic pillow is selected for a school-age child, a product with dimensions of 50 * 40 cm is better suited.

Required pillow height

Orthopedic pillows have a height of 6-16 cm. To calculate the ideal thickness of the product, you need to measure the distance from the edge of the shoulder to the base of the neck. The result will be the ideal height of the model. An error of 1-2 cm is allowed. This is the main rule when choosing the thickness of the model.

If you choose the right height of the orthopedic pillow, maximum support and comfort during sleep will be provided.

Tips when buying

Choose orthopedic pillows from trusted manufacturers. Popular companies try to meet all the requirements and medical indications. Also, famous manufacturers have separate lines of orthopedic products for sleep. You will be able to find the perfect pillow for yourself.

  1. If the store has an opportunity to test the product (lie on it), use this. When choosing, take your time, evaluate the quality of the pillow and your feelings. If it seems to you that the model does not fit, consider other options.
  2. Maximum comfort will be provided with the right combination of orthopedic pillow and mattress. If it has already fallen into disrepair, or it is uncomfortable to sleep on it, replacing the pillow will not give a good result. In such cases, it is better to choose the entire sleeping place at once.
  3. Orthopedic pillow is not a medical remedy. The product will improve sleep, relieve headache, spinal and cervical pain and become a preventive remedy for disorders of the musculoskeletal system. The pillow relieves some symptoms of diseases, but will not cure them completely.
  4. When buying a product, do not focus on cheapness. Cheap models quickly lose their shape, which will provoke health problems and new expenses. Unscrupulous manufacturers use harmful and toxic materials in the manufacture of such orthopedic pillows, which will affect health. Also, do not buy the most expensive model. Even if it has healing properties, it will not give maximum comfort during sleep. You will only throw money away. When choosing, focus on your preferences during sleep and anatomical features.

Do not think that immediately after the first night you will feel comfortable. The first few days (and for some weeks, it all depends on the characteristics of the body) it will be difficult to fall asleep because of unusual sensations. You will wake up at night because of discomfort. Sometimes there is a slight headache or neck pain. However, all these problems will pass quickly if the orthopedic pillow is chosen correctly.


Orthopedic pillow is designed for the prevention of disorders of the musculoskeletal system and maximum comfort during sleep. The product is shown to those who suffer from chronic neck and spine disorders, as well as lack of sleep or insomnia. Sometimes an orthopedic pillow is prescribed by a doctor. However, if a person has no health problems, he should still replace the standard product. Changing the sleeping place will improve the quality of sleep, there will be vigor and strength for everyday tasks.

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