The subtleties of choosing a bouquet for a mother-in-law


Greetings, dear friends! How many reasons can there be to give a bouquet to the mother of her beloved husband? Mass! Professional holiday, World Women’s Day, anniversary or anniversary. However, a composition relevant to a birthday may be completely inappropriate for an anniversary. But such an elementary sign of attention is reflected in the relationship as a whole. So how to choose in gift catalog the best bouquet for mother-in-law?

Generally accepted norms and standards

If the daughter—in-law knows the name of her mother-in-law’s favorite flowers, this is already a huge plus. But she won’t give lilies for all the famous holidays. This is at least stupid. Moreover, floristry does not stand still. It is developing and every time it offers more and more new options. But in general, it is worth remembering one unwritten rule: mature ladies are never given flowers that wither quickly.

The flower arrangement should be based on flowers that are either about to bloom, or are able to keep their shape for a long time. In this case, the main indicator of the choice should be the elasticity of the flower or bud. If the sepals are raised up and maintain their shape, then there is still enough moisture in the flower, and it will delight the recipient’s eye for a long time.

No less important is the color. Giving your mother—in-law a flower of the color of passion is a bad thing. Red, scarlet and burgundy are the prerogative of a loved one, so it would be more logical if such a bouquet is presented by her husband. Pastel shades are ideal, and white ones are more suitable for young and blooming young ladies. Moderately variegated colors are allowed. For example, purple irises with yellow inclusions. Peach, beige and cream tones are considered optimal options.

And one more subtle nuance — the bouquet for the mother-in-law does not tolerate bombast in the design. It is better to give preference to classics and minimalism. So the daughter-in-law will be able to express her respect and good attitude to the spouse’s mother.

The reason matters

There are holidays, the very idea of which hints at a floral arrangement. And the recommendations of florists should be listened to.

  • The eighth of March is the exception to the rule. If on any other mother-in-law’s holiday it is not worth giving miniature flowers underlying the bouquet, then here they will be on the contrary appropriate. Delivery of bouquets from daisies, tree peonies, lilies of the valley, mimosa, or gypsophila will pleasantly please the second mother.
  • Birthday. In this case, it is worth focusing on the volume. The combination of several colors combined into a mono-bouquet by a single concept is the optimal solution. Delicate irises, luxurious peonies or elegant hydrangeas are ideal here. The bouquet will look solemn, as befits the occasion.
  • Professional holiday. On this day, it is worth paying tribute to the qualifications and competence of the mother-in-law. Even if she has not worked a day, but has devoted her whole life to children, a flower arrangement on Mother’s Day will heartily please the “second mother”. Tenderness is not needed — there is no need. Strictness, respect and pride — that’s what a bouquet should express. Gerberas, orchids, chrysanthemums, lisianthus — each of these flowers will emphasize the status of the woman who brought up your husband.

Design etiquette

No lightness and airiness — this can provoke longing for youth and hint at the age of the mother-in-law. Classic design will always be appropriate. And yet it is worth looking at the character and temperament of the mother-in-law. A perky and cheerful madam with a mangy character is unlikely to like carnations wrapped in newsprint.

Therefore, it is worth paying attention to modern options for the design of the bouquet:

  • Burlap and mesh. This material is perfectly combined with long and massive colors. It gives a special charm, emphasizing the natural beauty of plants.
  • Shopping cart. The design will look spectacular. And it has many advantages. For example, during a photo shoot, it will be convenient for the mother-in-law to hold a bouquet in her hands. And this is a manifestation of care on the part of the daughter-in-law. The husband’s mother will definitely appreciate the impulse.
  • Box. The hatbox can be decorated in different ways. And this will help to show the characteristics of the character of a native woman. On this box, you can depict elements and symbols identifying the preferences of the second mother. When she sees such an individual approach, she will certainly appreciate the efforts.

What can the selected flowers tell about?

If the daughter-in-law made a choice in favor of lilies, then this will tell the mother-in-law about her femininity and that her mother’s opinion is still being considered.

Alstroemeria equates modesty and willingness to compromise. If the mother-in-law decides to study the meaning of flowers, she will definitely be imbued with such a gesture.

A bouquet of hyacinths hints at stability. This can be regarded as a kind of signal — your son, mom, is in safe hands!

And if the daughter-in-law manages to find a bouquet of delphinium, then together with it she will give her husband’s mother confidence that they are working with her for the common good, but the mother’s opinion remains a priority.

And presenting the composition of irises , the daughter-in-law recognizes the worldly wisdom of the second mother.

Tell us about your options for flower arrangements in the comments and visit the site again. See you soon!

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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