What gift should I give a girl for her birthday? The secret is revealed


Hello, dear readers, readers, guests and just passers-by! I’m glad to see you all. Early in the morning, I was visited by a deep philosophical thought that humanity has been rushing for many centuries in search of answers to the eternal questions: “What?” and “What gift to give a girl for her birthday.” There was also something about the meaning of life… but this is if there is nothing else to do and the very gift has already been chosen and handed over.

Today we will talk about what can and should be given to a girl on a special occasion, and what – never under any pretext. I will name specific ideas and gift options only for example. I will pay more attention to the principles and moments that are almost ignored – but in vain.

Loves – does not love, will soon forget

First and most important: a gift is always an indicator of a relationship.

And it’s not even about the price of the donated item. Agree that no one will give birthday gifts to a random person. If a passerby wanted to present a star from the sky on a platter of a full moon, then it is not so random… In general, any gift carries symbolism and indicates the degree of closeness of the relationship, regardless of whether you think about it or not.

But the non-obvious meaning of the gift taken into account can raise the degree of emotions of the beloved to the level of self-ignition. Or take the relationship to the next stage. A friend of mine loved daffodils very much.

Either in jest, or seriously, but she presented a condition to Fate: she would meet with someone who would give her her favorite flowers for her birthday. And she was born in November… One of her close friends gave her daffodils, which he painted on a huge canvas.

Romance in its purest form. Now they have two children, but that’s another story. That’s how, at first glance, a neutral gift has become the key in the lives of two people.


Appreciate not a gift, but attention

Secondly, a gift is a way to make an impression, switch the mood to positive and interest.

Therefore, the subject of the offering itself is not as important as its design, method and circumstances of delivery.

The effect of the best and most original gift can be spoiled by a sour face or an inarticulate murmur of the giver. When handing over a present, open up completely, as if you are a gift. And even the most a tiny present will give you a huge advantage ;)

Appreciate not the gift, but the attention of other girls to it

I’m revealing a military secret: every girl is in a state of permanent competition with all the other girls on our planet. Especially acute are the battles of statuses among the inner circle.

Additional points in the evaluation of a gift can be earned if you give something that can distinguish a girl from her friends. For example, many have heard, seen and admired fur hats with ears and long “paws” that can serve as a scarf. Let others continue to admire, and your girlfriend would rather wear a husky hat. Give it away. This is one of the few exceptions when a piece of clothing is a good choice.


Dangerous Games

In general, choosing a gift to replenish a girl’s wardrobe without her participation is a risky business. An unexpected size, an unusual style or a terrible color can become a huge hole in the reputation of a cavalier. Well, life will continue anyway, but it’s better not to try your luck…

If there is such an intention, it is better to turn it into a festive event “shopping for two”. In extreme cases, you can buy and present a gift certificate. It indicates the amount for which you can purchase the product: at least one chic dress, at least a few blouses and a pair of jeans.

Just correlate the tastes-requests of the girl with the prices and choose the “correct” amount, which will be indicated in the certificate.
Although there are a few more things that are not in the category of contraindicated:

  • printed t-shirts;
  • warm and cozy, maybe a huge sweater;
  • a large flannel men’s shirt. Yes, one of those that are in a cage. Another secret: many girls just dream of such for “internal” (home) use.

That’s how it turns out that if you definitely want to give a piece of clothing and are in a very close relationship, then you can give things that she will wear at home, not in public: a bathrobe, pajamas, a situational satin combination. But by no means underwear. Never. Don’t even think about it.


Spectral analysis

All the variety of gifts can be distributed according to the “distance” that is maintained between the giver and the girl: from neutral to very, very close, intimate. The closer the relationship, the more room for choice and improvisation.

Neutral waters and “targeting”

There are a number of classic gifts in cases where the relationship ranges from indefinite to definitely distant:

  • flowers;
  • sweets;
  • toys.

A banal bouquet of flowers from a kiosk on the corner. Can. But is this really the level of relationship that you want to demonstrate-confirm?

The bouquet can become unreal. Add a little imagination and, for example, decorative elements to the bouquet. You can stretch the presentation of the bouquet. For example, a scarlet rose every hour. Yes requires foresight, planning and careful preparation. But you want to make an impression, don’t you?

Or make a bouquet of sweets. Just a box of chocolates is too easy. Make a sculpture out of them: the Eiffel Tower, a sunflower, a heart, a bear. Fantasize and embody. It is difficult to build such a structure yourself – connect friends who can. That’s why they’re friends, to help where you can’t do it yourself.

Bouquets of stuffed toys are in fashion. Although just a cute toy is a good gift. Classic teddy bear. Maybe. But consider more options. Funny, unusual, with character.

For example, here is such a “nasty”, but terribly cute unicorn.

I advise you to read about this in the article about what to give a girl from a guy for coming of age.

gadkiy ya

One of my friends is just crazy about pandas. And he enjoys pandas in any form as a child. It’s a pleasure to cook her gifts. Even if you scratch the silhouette of a club–footed clumsy on a stone, it will squeak with delight. This is a special case – when the interests are known.

Resonance force

The “on the same wave” effect appears in two cases:

  • the sphere of interests and preferences of the recipient is precisely known;
  • the gift carries a meaning, a reference to a fact known only to you two, well, or a very narrow circle of people.

If a girl has some kind of hobby, then feel free to give her what she needs for her hobby. For example, she spends her free time doing beadwork. No matter how you personally feel about such an occupation, support will be appreciated. If you buy materials for a hobby, then present either a large variety (many shades of beads in one set) or something that she will not dare to buy herself (expensive or rare, for example, gilded beads).

The hobby does not necessarily have an applied nature. Many people like anime – Japanese animation with a characteristic drawing of characters. Give a recognizable character.

For example, a toy-cotobus depicting the original character of the cartoon “My neighbor Totoro”. Simple and tasteful.


Someone likes the retro style: vinyl crackling music, massive carved wooden objects, boxes with a grid of cracks on the varnish …

Trash collectors? And here it is not. A thing of a passing era can be revived with a little effort. That’s how we smoothly approach gifts with handmade elements.

An example from life: a boy with a creative nature gave a girl a record player. I found him somewhere in the attics. Disassembled, cleaned, replaced the electronic stuffing with a modern one (it seems that his brother helped him), repainted with acrylic in white, giving the surface a stylish “careless” relief.

It turned out just great. Can you imagine what an emotional profit he got? If it is difficult to imagine how this is done, you can look on the Internet. Or just order – there are enough workshops and craftsmen.

I would also like to talk about mindfulness and observation, but these are no longer principles, but methods, and they are not included in the topic of today’s conversation. So, my dear ones, see you on the blog pages. Once again, carefully read all the recommendations to accurately give only the most necessary ;)

P.S. It’s easy to make an appointment for me – subscribe to blog updates. Ask your friends what they think about the above by sharing the post via social networks. Maybe he’ll give them an interesting idea.

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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