The most romantic gifts to a girl on February 14

The 14th of February

Hello, hello, dear! Today I am rushing to you with a romantic post about what to give to a girl on February 14, and how to melt the heart of a beloved with this gift.

Sometimes holidays take you by surprise, forcing you to rush frantically in search of a suitable gift for a loved one. That is why I often write articles in advance so that such a situation does not happen to you, dear readers.

So today I decided to share with you romantic Valentine’s ideas ;)

A general approach to choosing a gift

To begin with, let’s see how you can choose a gift if there is no clear idea what would be better.

For example, you are not familiar with a girl or you know her very superficially, which does not allow you to choose a gift unambiguously in accordance with her taste. You don’t want to get off with standard colors either. What then?

I suggest this strategy: try to make something enchanting (funny, surprising, etc.) out of the usual gift idea.


Here are a few options:

  1. Teddy bear + candy. Two seemingly most standard things. But if you combine them, it turns out very original. Let’s say you take a teddy bear, open the seam in the center a little, take out some stuffing and put candy there instead. Or in a box of chocolates (if it is not flat) you put an additional bear cub of a similar scale.
  2. Flowers + valentines. It’s even easier here. You put several valentines in a bouquet of flowers, or they can be stapled to the main package (only from above, otherwise it will be impossible to put flowers in a vase). Or you can attach flower petals to postcards, but it’s worth doing it a couple of hours before the delivery, so that everything doesn’t spoil
  3. Toy + costume jewelry. Here everything depends on the size of the toy and the decoration itself: you can put a bracelet on a small bunny as a decoration on the neck or ring on the foot. And you can put small stud earrings right in the ears of the toy (they are easy to pierce, but it looks funny).

In general, even with an unfamiliar young lady, such unbroken combinations of classic gifts will help to establish contact :)

Specific ideas

And if you want to choose something specific, preferably original? Then you will need a list of little things that can be handed over for Valentine’s Day:

  1. A kite. I’m not talking about cheap Chinese likenesses of this wonderful accessory for spending time. Big, bright, unusual, and also a reason for further joint launches of this very snake (in this case, a hawk) ;)
  2. Soft neko-paws. “Neko” is translated from Japanese as “cat”. Here I mean fluffy warm gloves, which at the same time have a cozy design. Not all of them will be worn on the street, but just imagine how cute a girl will look with these funny mittens?)))
  3. Kigurumi. These are animal pajamas of different colors, they can be warm, winter, or they can be so-called summer tailoring. Such a gift will show care and create an atmosphere of romance :)


In a situation of lack of money

I know that many are faced with the fact that there is no money, and you need to buy a gift immediately. We all love to leave at the last moment :)

Then the so-called emotional gifts that require the addition of forces, but not funds (or funds at a minimum).

How do you like, for example, the idea of skating together with the further launch of a Chinese flashlight? And don’t forget about the locks on the bridge ;)

Some of these ideas were implemented by this guy:

In general, think in this direction) Believe me, few girls will not appreciate romance, we usually really miss it :)

I’ll wrap it up with that. Tell us about your experience of celebrating February 14, as well as about the unusual variants of congratulations that came to your mind. See you soon!

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Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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