What to give a guy on February 14? TOP 20 ideas

The 14th of February

Friends, hello everyone! You are traditionally welcomed by Nastya Skoreeva, the author of this festive resource. And today, cute girls will find out what to give a guy on February 14, even if they are in a state of complete lack of money.

It’s a painfully familiar situation, isn’t it? The holiday is already knocking at the house, and “there is no money,” as they say. And what, to leave the darling without a wonderful holiday? But then there’s also February 23.

No lack of money!

In any case, do not give in to panic moods. You can even do without money, although you will have to try. We’ll talk about it soon.

The main thing is to know: a normal guy understands that you are not a billionaire from the first hundred Forbes, but you love him very much. Therefore, do not be complex and do not get upset.

We will now select the best gift for the second half. Rest assured, you will definitely succeed :)


For those who have saved a little money

Now we will talk about budget gifts worth no more than 200 rubles.

I tried to collect the best ideas for you, which can certainly be called original ;) I didn’t write about all sorts of intimate things anymore, if anyone wants to, then they already know what they need.

And I focused on things that make life easier for the person being congratulated. After all, in the future he and can become a husband, so it’s worth practicing with choosing a gift right now.

  1. A stylus for touch screens. Such a useful thing! I don’t have one, and how I suffer… I think your lover is too ;) (if you have a tablet and especially a smartphone).
  2. Sky lantern. I remember, at the graduation in the 11th grade, they launched one into the sky. How magical it was! Everyone was delighted when a beautiful air-burning flashlight rose into the sky. Give the guy a miracle.
  3. Toothpaste squeezer. You’ve probably seen these in household chemicals stores. But guys are not often interested in this. And the thing is very useful. Well, you understand in general. They come in the form of crocodiles, lips, just a plastic with a hole.
  4. Mouse pad. They have a fairly large price run-up, depending on the additions. Choose something unusual, bright, extreme. Cute will definitely appreciate it ;)kovriki dlya myshi
  5. Tea pot. They are very different: strawberries, divers, swans, dinosaurs… Choose the right one for your boyfriend.
  6. Folding flashlight for reading books. Attaches to the edge of the book. Can you imagine how surprised he will be? Hardly anyone gave him such a gift.
  7. Wire organizers. Such things are very useful when you have to deal with headphones, thin cables, etc. My husband, for example, has such in the form of little men.
  8. Toothbrush holder. They come in the form of animals, and in the form of a glass with holes. Recently I saw a cool one in the form of a tooth with holes :D
  9. Disc case. Now disks are used infrequently, but a lot of them have accumulated. I have rubble at home over there. And a loved one may have such a situation. They are not always cheap, but there are some.futlyar dlya diskov
  10. Cup holder-clothespin. A convenient accessory that can be attached to the table and put a glass there. For those who spend a lot of time at the computer – the perfect solution.

Surprises with your own hands

But now it’s the turn of those who do not have the means to congratulate, but have the fervor, energy and time to congratulate.

I offer you some wonderful ideas for congratulating the cute.

You yourself will surely be inspired in the end and come up with something so unique that you will definitely hit your soulmate in the heart :)

  1. Bookmark for the book. This can be made from paper, felt, plastic box. Here only your imagination limits you. Look for inspiration:zakladka
  2. Beautiful box with your own hands + candy . Or nuts, cookies. In general, something small.
  3. Cookies of your cooking. So to speak, in addition to the previous paragraph. You can put funny faces on cookies, write “Love” or just tie each one with a beautiful ribbon.
  4. Balloon with wishes. Take an ordinary ball, a piece of paper, a pen, scissors. Write good wishes to your loved one and put them in a balloon, inflate it. That’s it :)
  5. Postcard. One of the simplest options, perhaps.
  6. A special walk. When you see him, ask him to close his eyes. At this time, “sprinkle” the road in front of him with hearts with pre-written wishes. You can also put them in his pockets, in the hood, etc. (after all, the weather does not have in February to sprinkle asphalt with paper – it will get wet).
  7. Plush valentines. Here you will need two pieces of fabric, thread, needle and stuffing. You cut out two identical hearts from the fabric and sew them together, turn them out and stuff them. You can make several of these (to enhance the effect). You can make an interesting inscription on each one.serdce ulybka
  8. Collage. I have already written about it. Just take your photos and make a collage of them, for example, in the form of a heart.
  9. Love chest. To do this, you will need a matchbox and decorations on it. You paste, decorate and put a nice confession inside. You can make several such boxes.cvetniye korobki
  10. Mobile “Hearts”. A very interesting accessory for the room:

serdca mobil

And these are not all ideas! In this video you will see several more options for congratulating the cute (namely a candlestick, candles and a box):

Well, this post is coming to an end.

Finally, I want to ask you: what are the most original gifts to the second half you have given in your life?

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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