Halloween gifts for unusual greetings to relatives

Universal gifts

Hello to you, autumn adventure seekers! Today I will tell you what Halloween gifts you can make. After all, August is already in the yard ;)

I am writing this post for two reasons: I am very partial to this holiday and watched a couple of weeks ago an awesome cartoon associated with All Saints’ Day.

At the end I will show you the trailer of this good children’s cartoon. I bet you’ve never heard of him ;)

What is Halloween and what is it eaten with

Halloween is the eve of All Saints’ Day, celebrated on October 31, marks the arrival of winter. It is believed that on the night of October 31st to November 1st, our world and the spirit world touch.

The holiday is somewhat contradictory. But it seems to me that there is nothing wrong with children dressing up as witches, pumpkins and just different heroes of fairy tales and cartoons, and then caroling.


Traditional items

What do you associate with Halloween? I am 100 percent sure that the first thing you will say will be “pumpkin”. And indeed, glowing pumpkins are what is believed to help ward off evil spirits.

And here are other things:

  • Fire. Well, what else is there to drive away unwanted guests from the other world?
  • Scary costumes. All with the same purpose.
  • Apples. No wonder another name of the holiday is “night of floating apples”.
  • Green. A Halloween symbol.
  • Sweets. Where without them?

Halloween Gifts: Ideas

I think your family and friends will be pleasantly surprised if you give them something for Halloween ;)

The most important advice when choosing a gift: do not overdo it with the effect. For example, you should not give bloody curtains and figures of hangmen – it’s just disgusting (


I offer you some mega-scary ideas for a gift to your family (well, not to the horror of course):

  1. All kinds of souvenirs of the pumpkin series . It can be lamps, T-shirts, and soft toys. I also met: an aroma lamp, a piggy bank and a phone case.
  2. Curly sugar in the form of skulls. Perhaps there are other types. Also look for curly marmalade, there’s definitely more than enough of that.
  3. Bracelets and beads with skull beads. If the color is bright, then you will get a surprise with a Mexican touch)
  4. Original pendant. I saw one recently, called “Wolf’s Fang”. Not a bad thing, it is quite suitable for such an unusual occasion. By the way, he is just a talisman, which is very important on Halloween)
  5. Holiday accessories. Here I would include all kinds of pens, glowing 3D puzzles, party sets (carnival accessories).

And why don’t you make a gift with your own hands? There are plenty of options in this case.

Terrorizing with our own hands

Wai, how much I love the Halloween theme in various products! Bright autumn colors, unusual interpretations of familiar objects… It seems to me that some of them feel the breath of autumn.

What can be done for relatives and friends at Night floating apples?

All kinds of toys. It doesn’t have to be pumpkins or skulls. It will be enough to include the traditional colors of the holiday: black, green, orange.

Funny cookies. I found a cool recipe for this for you:

Book covers + bookmarks. It can be made of felt or even thick cardboard. As always, images of pumpkins, witch hats and skeletons will be used.

Caps. A great accessory for a holiday and not only)

Beautifully decorated real pumpkins. Pumpkin carving belongs to a separate art form. If you have it, then go ahead and surprise your friends!

Colored eggs. Why not? On the shell, you can depict, for example, the characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas that have become classic.

I think your imagination has already turned on to full) Share its fruits in the comments.

And now the promised trailer of the cartoon, which is called “The Song of the Sea”. I will not tell you about the plot, I will only say one thing: it contains traditional Irish folklore in abundance and is very gently drawn.

Be sure to watch the cartoon on Halloween evening, you won’t regret it) And see you soon.

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Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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