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Universal gifts

Hello, friends! Anastasia Skoreeva welcomes you. Today on the agenda we have original gifts for loved ones that will help you achieve the desired effect. Which one? Read and find out about everything.

In general, the category of original gifts is special, unique.

You can surprise almost any person with such a gift. But it is necessary to be able to present some copies and not all are suitable for the same gifts. In addition, it is desirable that they

That is, it is clearly not worth giving, say, a shredder of dry branches to a person who does not have a garden plot and does not live outside the city. Quite by, as they say :)

I tried to break the categories of original gifts into subgroups regarding holidays. Although some of them are purely conditional.


Of course, the most popular unusual gift will be souvenirs and necessary things for two (in addition to money, they are a pleasant gift, but not original without an appropriate frame).

  1. Umbrella for lovers. The interesting thing about such an umbrella is that it… double. That is, lovers will be together all the time under such an accessory. And if you accompany the gift with the words “These umbrellas are specially connected to each other to protect the young from the storms of family life,” then everyone will be just delighted).     zont
  2. A plush blanket for two . The story is like an umbrella. Only here we focus on the comfort and warmth of living together.
  3. Gift grocery basket. The very thing for people who have just spent a round sum on a wedding celebration) Such a basket can be made by yourself, and already ready to buy.
  4. Portable battery. Such a gift is useful not only for a wedding. But if you have already decided to give it to the young, then say: “Let this battery accumulate a charge as well as your love increases from year to year.”


Birthday is a special holiday in the sense that it does not fall at all at the same time.

It can be any time of the year, so a themed gift is tight here.

Therefore, I tried to pick up universal gifts that are not tied to time.

  1. Cooling stones for drinks. A very cool thing, used instead of ice. There are a large number of types: for coffee, whiskey, tea, and other beverages. It is unlikely that the birthday boy already has such :)
  2. The Oscar statuette. “For the best film in the length of xx (here you substitute the number of) years,” and you will laugh, and you will please the birthday boy, flattering his self-esteem.
  3. Hat with built-in headphones. An original accessory for fans of constant musical accompaniment.
  4. Cheat sheet clock. A great gift for schoolchildren and students! With the help of such watches, you can not only write off in pairs, but also listen to music, view pictures. A very multifunctional thing. And it comes in a cute package :)

Clock cheat sheet

New Year

Here you can indulge in pure winter gifts and those that, on the contrary, remind you of a warm time.

  1. Travotapki. A fun accessory for those who miss the summer. And the feet in such slippers breathe. The sole is covered with artificial grass, which adds a massage effect to all the advantages of slates.
  2. Snow blaster. The coolest winter gift! With it, you can arrange real winter battles in the open air. All that is needed is the presence of snow, which is quite available in winter.
  3. Thermos in the form of a lens.A fun accessory for men, especially for amateur photographers.
  4. Vintage decorative projector. It will allow you to plunge into the atmosphere of the cinema of past years on long winter evenings, watching it with friends.

March 8th

One of the most romantic holidays. Any girl on it wants to get something special.

  1. Set of romance. For a gift to a girl – just right. Just don’t forget to first fill in the message inside with a nested goose quill :)
  2. Dress for jewelry. An interesting option for a gift to a girl. It can be described as a funny jewelry holder, but one that can be kept in the closet with the rest of the things. Saving space on the face)Kokoshe dress
  3. Laundry storage kit. The present is quite intimate, but if you already live together, then it will become a kind of manifestation of caring for your beloved, because she will be able to keep her lower wardrobe intact.

Creative with our own hands

For those who want to show their feelings and demonstrate the skill of their hands, I offer the following ideas:

  1. Make a jar with wishes. The bottom line is to put many, many notes in a beautiful jar for every day, in which something pleasant will be written. Also, you can wrap something small in each piece of paper: a candy, a nut, a keychain, a ring, etc.
  2. Create a portrait of the person being congratulated. No, I’m not encouraging you to become artists. You just need a photo of the person being congratulated, a thick white cardboard and a bunch of rhinestones-bows-clippings from a magazine, etc. You take a photo, paste it on a thick cardboard and decorate with all of the above. You can make a small picture (for example, put the donee in the royal throne and glue the crown to him).
  3. Make a vase or pencil case. It’s not difficult to make such a thing. You will need a glass jar (plastic, tin) and acrylic paints, a little decor. You paint the jar (it, of course, should be clean) and decorate to your liking. Wait until everything dries up – the present is ready.

And for those who had few ideas presented, I suggest watching an interesting video with hand-made gifts – absolutely unexpected combinations :)

See you soon, dear readers! Further – more interesting, more magical and more festive. Do not forget to share your impressions in the comments, tell what you liked and what caused indignation.

And give gifts are beautiful ;)

P.S. And don’t forget to subscribe to blog updates and share useful information with friends.

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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