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Hello, dear ones! I greet you, as always, with great joy :) Today I will tell you what practical gifts, in my opinion, can make the life of the person being congratulated easier. And maybe even make a revolution in consciousness and everyday life :D

As you know, the purpose of my blog is to show that it’s really easy to choose a gift, you just need to listen a little to the gifted and … to yourself. After all, a lot depends on your attitude to the search for a present.

And I think that the usefulness of the gift for you is far from an empty phrase. So I decided to make a selection of practical gifts that will be useful for both a man, a woman, and a child.

Gift decoration

Women are not only glamorous

For some reason, often when it comes to a gift to a woman (and even more so to a girl), bouquets of flowers and big bears appear in many people’s heads.

No, all this also has the right to life and it’s very nice to get, say, an armful of 101 roses. But there is absolutely no practicality here :)

So, here are some good and useful ideas for close and not so women:

  1. Towels with pockets. Such a thing will allow you to take your favorite cream with you from the bathroom, and fold the player so that you can enjoy your favorite music after a workout.
  2. Business cards-multitools. These can be openers and chargers. I wrote about this before: in form – business cards, in fact – universal tools.
  3. Shaving cassettes (or a complete set with a machine, foam and a bunch of cassettes). Do you think it’s indecent? It may be indecent for one reason: it was worth choosing an epilator, because it significantly reduces the time for the hair removal procedure (if you are going to choose this option, then give preference to the model that can work in water. Of course, this is a gift for a close woman, you should not give this to a colleague or a distant relative :)

Do you want to give something even more useful? Take a closer look at a special reading stand in the bathroom or a tea cup with a strainer:


And here’s a universal advice for turning a gift into something with practical value:

When looking for a trinket for a holiday, always think about how it can be turned into something useful.

For example: to make a cosmetic bag out of the same teddy bear, having previously pulled out a sintepon from it and sewed a zipper. Or sew the toy with pockets so that it becomes a kind of keeper of small necessities.

Any other ideas? Share them with me and other readers at the end.


Men don’t have to wear socks

Although why not? But only decent, non-wearing socks.

Just imagine: you give a box of socks, a man opens it. First, disappointment in the eyes. And then you report that the socks are not ordinary! They will not be demolished, holes will never appear, and they also do not slide. If you present such – the price will not be for you.

And here are a couple more ideas:

  1. Pillow with a special hole under the arm – for those who can’t imagine a single night without a hand under their head :)
  2. Sports kit. It may not be suitable for everyone. But who will refuse branded pants with a jacket?) Yes, and it will push you to engage in physical culture.

And remember: not every man is ready to go shopping to choose a new thing for himself. So from this category, you can safely give different gadgets like fingerless gloves or an ultra-fashionable muffler (such a scarf).


Children are worthy… minions

Why am I doing this? Children are fascinating creatures in every sense. They create whole worlds in their heads, including on the basis of comics, cartoons, fairy tales, etc.

I remember when I was a kid I really wanted to get a big fluffy bee car with all sorts of wonders inside. Although I understood that it was probably not real, but how many stories I lived in that magic van! And everything was born from an ordinary elastic band for hair with a bee.


That is why it seems to me that practicality for a child has a slightly different meaning than adults understand it.

Sometimes some toy can give such a powerful impetus to the development of the inner world kid that you will just be amazed :) The child plays in [urlspan] a flying minion [/urlspan], and future unusual projects are already being laid in his head…

Such a gift as, for example, headphones with backlight can also be practical. In what way, you will be surprised? And think: there is a boy (or a girl) walking down the street when it is already beginning to get dark. He (she) listens to music.

Luminous headphones

Do you understand what I mean?)) Glowing headphones will help protect the little one from a possible collision (ugh-ugh-ugh). Yes, and you can brag about such in the company.

Ugh, well, I was carried away. This can be rounded off. Express your ideas about practical gifts ;) See you soon!

P.S. Subscribing to blog updates will bring more useful and interesting ideas ;) And those whom you invite from social networks will be grateful for the information from this article.

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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