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Hello, dear readers and readers of the blog nyaskory.ru ! Its author, Nastya, is with you again, and today we will talk about a topic that is burning for many: what to give a woman and how to get away if the gift does not suit her a little (I’m kidding).

There are a lot of holidays in the year and every time there is a continuous headache – what to give, how to pack, how to present. The first question is of course the most difficult :)

Well, we will not suffer for a long time and we will try to answer the question with the maximum benefit for ourselves and others (in this case, congratulations).

By the way, for each category I will tell you what you can choose for a small amount, but with taste. And now you are waiting for 40 options for a gift!

How to give a gift

The most important thing is to do without excessive pathos, even if the situation is prepossessing (a major event, a gala evening). Pathos eats up all the value of the gift.

As a result, even if the present was more than beautiful and worthy, there is still a feeling of “gallantry” of what is happening.

30 – 40 years old

A young woman, one might say, even a girl can still be given something romantic, girlish touching.

Here is a list I would throw:

  1. Umbrella in a bunny-shaped case.
  2. A bouquet of toys.
  3. 3D figurine of the birthday girl (can be ordered at some souvenir shops). Surprise and joy are guaranteed!
  4. A runaway alarm clock (so that you are no longer late for work :D).
  5. A watch a la “Salvador Dali” (a spreading watch is certainly unlikely to have been given by anyone before you :))

From inexpensive, but stylish: a face mask against fatigue, a small pendant, a lunchbox (they are also called the fashionable word “lunch box”, which is essentially the same thing).

Salvador Dali, clock

40 – 50 years old

At this age, women are in full swing with vigorous activity at work, and often in the garden.

If the person being congratulated dotes on the garden, then feel free to give her something that will help her in this difficult task – growing all sorts of things on her site.

If not, I think hardly anyone will refuse such a gift as a cactus or a florarium. I would call it universal, because even a person who is not often at home can take care of such an unpretentious plant.

From non-floral planting, such things will definitely fit:

  1. Certificate to a bookstore, hardware store, or perfume store.
  2. Coffee maker, slow cooker and other newfangled technical inventions (the main thing is to find out in advance if a woman already has this device).
  3. Elegant jewelry box (given to mother-in-law, she really liked it).
  4. A mug that stirs the sugar itself (yes, there are some).
  5. Beautiful light scarf.

And here are the ideas of budget gifts: a photo frame (not a simple one, even if it is multicolored, but with a patterned edge of a delicate shade), a little tea by weight of a special variety, elite nail polish.

By the way, the mug works like this:

50-60 years old

During this period, most often the children have already grown up, there is more time for themselves. At the same time, there may already be grandchildren to look after. Moms often help out their kids)

Here it is quite possible to take a risk by giving:

  1. Certificate to a beauty salon.
  2. An expensive set for needlework (only if you are sure that it will not be lying in the far corner of the closet for decades after the holiday).
  3. A wristwatch with your photo.
  4. A set of spices in a stylish package.
  5. Elegant lamp.

Promised budget gifts: an anti-stress toy (wow, there is such a variety of them, you will definitely pick up the right one), a checkbook of wishes, a summer bag (sometimes you can even find these in the shops of the “Fix Price” series).

70 years and older

A woman at this age does not want to feel old at all, and therefore it is not necessary to emphasize the solid age of the birthday girl.

The most neutral, but pleasant (and perhaps the most desirable) for a woman is hidden in this list:

  1. Dear, beautiful vase.
  2. A set of healthy food (but not tea, in my opinion, everyone has already given it to anyone).
  3. A blanket, a blanket, pillows.
  4. Wall-mounted trunk (fabric with pockets).
  5. The toaster.

A budget gift: silicone coasters for hot food (they gave it to his grandmother with her husband, she seemed satisfied), a rug for the bathroom, a herb (a porcelain man with grass growing on his head).


A woman who has everything

For a self-sufficient lady, you can also choose a gift! And this is quite real.

Here, certificates can again become a lifesaver, and perhaps tickets to the theater or to a concert of your favorite band. You can find out in advance from the person being congratulated which stores she likes the most, where she likes to spend her leisure time.

You will kill two birds with one stone at once: you will find out about the right gift, and get closer to the person.

And how to fit in the right amount here? It’s very simple: give an aroma lamp, a mouse pad with a special pattern (perhaps even with a photo), a thin strap.

That’s all for now, I think you’ve found something suitable for yourself. And remember: the main thing in the gift is not himself, but those feelings and emotions that you want to convey. Goodbye!

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Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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