What to give to your loved one? A selection of win-win ideas

Universal gifts

Greetings to all those gathered! Anastasia Skoreeva, author of the blog, is with you nyaskory.ru . Today we will find out what to give to your loved one for absolutely any occasion. Agree, it is convenient to keep such a selection at hand? There are ideas for the New Year, and for a birthday, and on February 14… In general, just a storehouse :)

Gift ideas range from the most inexpensive, acceptable to everyone, to quite “biting”. In any case: get ready, it will be festive!)

So, the drum roll… We’re starting!

Small, but remote

We don’t always have the opportunity to give our beloved a star from the sky. And sometimes you just want to please a loved one with a small but pleasant present. Catch a selection of modest but cute gifts!

  1. Romantic coupons, a diploma or a poster of a declaration of love. What are these gifts good for? They are original, accessible and romantic. Besides, you can make them yourself. For example, you can present a coupon for 10 hugs, 5 kisses, etc.
  2. Handmade postcard. Not every guy will appreciate such a souvenir, but after all, an attempt is not torture :) And you can find an instance from 100 rubles.
  3. Teapot for tea. You can probably say “Is this a gift?!”But look at these specimens! Well, how do you like it?) I think you got the idea.submarinatulenvodolaz
  4. Air fragrance in the car. I mean an unusual “Christmas tree”, but a funny toy or a stylish accessory that will exude a wonderful fragrance throughout the salon.
  5. Finger skateboard. Oh, and these funny things will delight even the most adult and serious man.
  6. A gift boot.Such a gift is more suitable for the New Year, but it can be timed to other holidays. You can put anything inside: candy, a small souvenir, a soft toy.
  7. “Delicious help”. This is a set of sweets in a cute package, sold in souvenir shops. But you can also just buy sweets or nuts and put them in a nice jar (although you will have to spend a little bit here).
  8. Aroma-sachet. This is a small fragrant pillow, which comes in completely different shapes and sizes.Aromasashe
  9. Piggy bank.It will help to express any of your feelings – because there are a great many of them now.
  10. The original notebook. You can give a notebook with gilded pages or individually signed.

The golden mean

A little more expensive in every sense, I decided to collect gifts for you in this category.

  1. Socks in an unusual package. Can you imagine giving socks in a pack with the name “The most courageous gift”?)
  2. A cake made with your own hands. Well, everything is clear here anyway)
  3. A case for his favorite gadget. The most important thing here is not to lose with the size.
  4. Slippers.Just not the usual flip-flops, but warm and cozy, with funny faces or in the form of animal paws.
  5. A set of healthy food. A few granola bars, bananas and nuts – voila!
  6. Cufflinks. Not all representatives of the stronger sex use this subject. But you will be able to show them that you see a real gentleman in your chosen one.
  7. A blanket, a towel. But this is a real universal gift – it will suit anyone, the main thing is not to lose with the coloring.
  8. Apron. Even if a man is not a cook, he still probably occasionally comes to the stove to show his love.
  9. Glossy magazine with your photos. Romantic, unusual, priceless.
  10. Flash drive, memory card. Not the most original gift, but certainly the right one.
  11. Stylish men’s jewelry. Oh, here you are in a win-win situation. Something, and men’s jewelry is given extremely rarely. For example, you will definitely impress him with a wolf’s head pendant.wolf suspension
  12. USB lamp. A convenient accessory for those who like to sit at the computer more, especially if you have to write a lot.
  13. A hot water bottle. Such a thing will show your concern for the chosen one, wishing him health.
  14. A Hollywood star with the name of your hero. It will definitely impress and flatter.
  15. A wine box. Suitable for true connoisseurs of this drink.
  16. Original beer mug. I personally am not a supporter of gifts of “alcoholic” themes, but if your man drinks beer, then let it be a beautiful and attractive vessel.
  17. Board games for two. There is a great variety here – from quite decent to quite indecent. Here the choice is yours.
  18. Umbrella, including mini.
  19. Headphones. For audiomaniacs (or -phils? Well, you understand))
  20. Paired souvenirs (T-shirts, key rings, cups, housekeepers, etc.)

For wealthy ladies

For those women who can afford to pamper their soulmate with an expensive gift) Such things can hardly be called universal, although there are such things here.

  1. A bouquet of flowers. Flowers are almost never given to men! Of course, all the flowers will not fit here, but strict bouquets are very even.
  2. Pop art portrait. This can be done in many offices dealing with souvenir products. You give a photo, and you get a beautiful portrait. portret
  3. Photo camera. Of course, not an ordinary “soap dish”, but a more or less high-quality mirror.
  4. Iphone or other gadget. But here it is necessary to know exactly the preferences of the chosen one.
  5. Certificate. For what? Yes, almost anything) For example, to his favorite sports store or to a SPA massage.
  6. Parachute jump. This is a gift for extreme people, so don’t give such a fragile romance :) Only if he asked you to do it himself.
  7. Tickets to the concert of his favorite band. Again, provided that you know the tastes of the chosen one.
  8. Trip. A gift for a couple who know each other’s tastes.
  9. Pet. Not all men are eager to get a pet, but if your companion is an exotic lover, you can give him, say, a tarantula or a lizard. But only if the hero of the occasion agrees.
  10. A set of tools. Again, by order of the second half.

Well, this concludes our long but fascinating journey of choosing a gift for a loved one. See you soon!

Oh, yes, a small selection of unusual cakes – where without them)

P.S. I will be glad to see you again! Subscribe to updates, share with friends on social networks. networks ;)

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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