An original wedding gift – happiness is not in money


Greetings to all readers of the blog! As always, Nastya Skoreeva is with you with a non-trivial question: what kind of original wedding gift can you make young? Not to give away money as usual?

I completely agree with the doubts of the givers. Money is an important subject, but a completely optional attribute of the celebration. Although… In general, a little bit about everything. And there will be far from 10 ideas, but much more :)

Giving a gift

The correct presentation of a gift is the key to the approval of the young.

Gift Flight

For example, you can (if the gift is small, light and shockproof) throw it into the air, arranging a kind of competition between the young: who catches the first, that’s the gift.

Of course, this is pure convention :) But it will give some gambling to what is happening, it will revive the company. There will be some analogy with the bride’s bouquet)

buket iz bisera


This does not mean the usual native Russian souvenir, but an unusual way of delivery.

You take several boxes and put some kind of gift into each one, and put the boxes into each other (take into account the size of the gifts).

Young people will not guess at first that you have not one, but many gifts in the box – it will be a pleasant surprise.

You can start the presentation like this:

“Our dear newlyweds, we have collected for you the most valuable thing in one gift that will help you start a life together smoothly and sweetly.”

You can also try the young ones on the subject of what is in the box. They won’t name several items at once :)

An original gift to the newlyweds from money

Yes, yes, I was just talking about the ordinariness of a monetary gift. But what was meant was just a bunch of bills, at best enclosed in an envelope or in a postcard.

But I’m offering you something special…

Bouquet of money

Roll all the bills into tubes and tie them at the base with a beautiful ribbon. In the center you can insert a small flower, then the bills will be like wrapping paper.

Monetary “rain”

You will need thick threads, a beautiful wand, scotch tape and the bills themselves.

Take the bills and carefully tape them to a long thick thread. There should be about 5 threads, each about 70 – 80 cm long.

Tie the threads to the stick, you will get an analogue of a festive “rain”, only monetary)

podarochnaya korobka


Money is paper, but you can make it out of paper… do origami!

Make some simple figures out of money, which you attach to a sheet of paper (you can use double-sided tape), decorate the background with sequins, rhinestones, etc.

Even a picture with the most ordinary airplanes will make a splash :)

Originality with your own hands

Oh, well, here’s my thing :)

The gift options I can offer are as follows:

  1. A plush couple. For example, bears, raccoons, bunnies. Not everyone can handle such a gift, but if you decide, it will be super-cool! Of course, the animals should not be sewn anyhow.para krolikov
  2. A set of handkerchiefs. Little effort is needed here, but again, the ability to sew manually or on a typewriter is required. Cut the fabric into squares of 30 x 30 cm and sew the edges (you can bend them, or you can just use a beautiful looped seam). You can also embroider patterns on scarves in any technique available to you (this is optional).
  3. Handmade postcard. It’s the turn of scrapbooking fans! I’m not going to mash it for a long time, the Internet is full of templates with interesting backgrounds and applications.
  4. Coupon book for wish fulfillment. You can make one in Photoshop, then print it out and pierce it with a hole punch from the edge, tie it with a beautiful satin ribbon.
  5. Collage with memories. Of course, such a gift is suitable for everyone. Just take a photo of the newlyweds, yourself and the most memorable moments and put them together on a sheet. Complete the composition with wishes, decorations and maybe a couple of bills))..

kroliki lubov

A gift to the newlyweds from friends

A collage with memories is also suitable for a gift from friends, but what else can you give?

At my husband’s wedding, the most original gifts in addition to money were a slow cooker and a large wall painting. Why don’t you have ideas for a gift from friends?

Just don’t give any fondue or ice cream maker – not that reason. This is more of an entertainment technique, more suitable for a birthday than for a wedding.

The slow cooker in the course of family life was quite useful, it turns out very decent pastries, excellent second courses and porridges. I haven’t tried cooking soups, but I think it’s not bad either :) In addition, as a gift to this bandurina there was also a book with wonderful recipes. I liked it quite :)

Such a gift will suit a sister from a sister, will show your understanding of the difficulties of family life.

The painting also took its place, successfully fitting in between the wardrobe and the door in the corridor.


I would also attribute a printer to such necessary, but original gifts (an MFP is better – a multifunctional device that combines both a printer and a scanner), a home heater, a set of silver dishes, an air conditioner.

Intangible gift

You can give something unique, but weightless, but leaving behind an indelibly pleasant impression.

What am I talking about? For example, you can give young people a personal star! To be honest, I’m not aware of the prices for this pleasure, but it’s just awesome)


From the more mundane, I can offer certificates for a joint SPA, tickets to a concert of my favorite band and a trip. However, you need to be more careful with the latter: what if the young have other plans? And it’s worth making a reservation in advance.

In general, the most important thing is not to squeeze on a gift and you and the young will be happy. And on calico anniversary you will be invited)) See you soon!

P.S. Look at the blog pages more often, I am very glad to see you :) And subscribe to always be aware of all the news. Also share in social networks. networks with friends-comrades, the more of us, the warmer)

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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