How to choose a wedding bouquet without difficulties


Hello, my dear visitors and readers! Nastya Skoreeva is back in touch and today I will tell you how to choose a wedding bouquet and why it is better sometimes to spit on traditions and do it your own way.


Tradition #1

In general, where did this interesting thing come from – the bride’s bouquet? It is rumored that the bride’s bouquets appeared in the Middle Ages in Europe.

All because of the fact that all the accessories of the lucky girl were considered to bring good luck and tried to literally tear off: a piece of dress, jewelry, etc. But sometimes they were very expensive! Therefore, one resourceful lady came up with the idea of throwing a garter to the guests (which then passed into the competence of her husband), and then everything came together on a bouquet.

And if you don’t want to part with this jewel? Then order an exact copy and throw it, and keep the main one for yourself.

Tradition #2

I don’t know if you know, but the bride needs to see her bouquet… only on the day of the wedding, in the morning.

That’s just the moment I was talking about: it’s good if you just want a beautiful bouquet, without any special claims to its style and content. And if it should perfectly match your dress?))) Therefore, think carefully about whether it is worth observing it.


This is the most basic. But let’s think about what should be in the bouquet?

Which flowers should I use?

There are a huge number of different signs regarding the choice of colors: from the type to the color.

Let’s plunge into this floral extravaganza! Definitely worth choosing:

  1. Ambrosia. It means mutual love.
  2. Astra. Exquisite love)
  3. Camellia. Love, passion.
  4. Rose (except crimson and yellow). Love, wealth, tenderness.
  5. Yellow poppy. Success and wealth.
  6. Narcissus. The desire for love.
  7. Drain. Loyalty.
  8. Tulip. Glory, joy, manifestation of love.
  9. Ivy. Marital fidelity.
  10. Mint. The warmest attitude.

Some of these flowers are very exotic. But, believe me, the florist knows them all for sure :)


In no case do not choose: chrysanthemums, geraniums, carnations, begonia and petunia.

But, by and large, if you liked a particular bouquet, but it does not meet the strict requirements of the law, then listen better to your heart, and not to a soulless list of dubious values.

For example, my husband gave me a bouquet of yellow roses and daisies for my wedding. According to some sources, such roses mean jealousy, according to others – wealth and prosperity.

So focus on your feelings)

Some features of the choice

I thought about it and picked up a few universal rules for any bride:

  1. The bouquet should not be large. Imagine, guests will fill you up with flowers anyway (and there are usually far from small modest bouquets), and it’s hard to carry your own. Not a very good situation, right?)
  2. The more modest the dress, the richer the armful of flowers and vice versa.
  3. Buds – for young, blooming flowers – for mature ladies.
  4. The higher the bride, the larger the bouquet (in moderate volumes, of course))
  5. Again, the shorter the dress, the smaller the bouquet.

No templates!

Is it boring to choose an ordinary bouquet of fresh flowers? Yes, and it’s a pity for the flowers? Then choose a bouquet of teddy bears.


But still want to keep the floral theme? Then you should turn to handmade bouquets made of felt, beads, polymer clay and foamiran, which is now popular.

And you can also include, say, lemons or cotton flowers in the flowers. Very unusual ;)

Well, this article comes to an end. Do not forget to share your thoughts about what you think about the bride’s bouquet)


P.S. Subscribe to updates and enjoy new articles ;) I’m not talking about sharing joy with friends by reposting to social networks)

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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